Indigenous rapper and activist Xiuhtezcatl delivers a punchy and unapologetic track titled “Take It All Back” where he calls for the return of stolen lands and the domino effects of colonization. The track is quite anthemic andXiuhtezcatl is as bold as ever with the fiery lyrics that attack the centuries-long wrongdoing of the government.

“Take It All Back” serves as the anthem for the  LANDBACK Campaign ,  a generations-old movement to return the land to Indigenous peoples is rising to call for the dismantling of white supremacy and work towards our collective liberation. The “TAKE IT ALL BACK” campaign manifests through three main verticals, the single and music video release, the fashion collection, and the public art element, all woven together by cohesive art direction by Muskogee-Creek artist Hôtvlkecē Harjo and creative direction by his storytelling agency INDÍGENA that feeds back to NDN collectives’ LANDBACK Campaign. Xiuhtezcatl partnered with the NDN Collective to elevate their work of advocating for Indigenous sovereignty and power—which is a message central to the artist’s identity.

Get “Take It All Back” on all DSPs here.


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