Besides both volumes of Mandala being scheduled to be released at the end of the month, Verbal Kent (of Ugly Heroes) is going solo with an upcoming album called Sound Of The Weapon. This time around, he’s brought Khrysis on board to produce itIf you haven’t heard the ADD-2/Khrysis collabo, go listen to it now.

Sound Of The Weapon is scheduled to be released on February 18th (pre-order now), and the tracklisting for the album is down below. There’s a bonus 9th Wonder remix to one of the songs as well. In the meantime, listen to the first single, Raponomics. 

01 Truth
02  Body the Beat  featuring DJ Eclipse
03 Hunched over Chess Boards  featuring DJ Eclipse
04 Now or Never pt 1
05 Underrated?
06 Raponomics
07 Sound of the Weapon
08 No Excuse
09 Now or Never pt 2
10 Sammy Sosa
11 Slap the Shit Out of You App
12 Joe Shmoses
13 Now or Never pt 3
14 Sound of The Weapon (9th Wonder Remix) BONUS TRACK

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