Chicago wordsmith Verbal Kent (Ugly Heroes) and Spanish-German beat maker Superior have joined forces resulting in the creation of a full-length album Half My Life which is set for release in December. Known for his mixture of verbal gymnastics with humour and everyday pathos, Verbal Kent delivers what might be his most personal rhymes. Speaking on the significance of the album title Kent said
“Half My Life signifies the amount of time I’ve been at this. I started rhyme writing seriously at 18/19 years old and never looked back. I’ve always felt grounded in my expectations, fame, and fortune was never a factor for me. I love making music enough to do it seriously for 20 years now,  and I doubt I’ll ever be able to stop.”
Superior has mastered the creative use of psychedelic, rock, soul and funk samples which created an eclectic yet cohesive musical backdrop for the project as a whole. Initially linking up on a track on Superior’s album The Journey (released earlier this year) the duo realized that they were a good combination and it was only just right to get in the creative process and bang out tracks. Meet Your Idols is the third single off the project and a listen lets you understand the direction of the album from the thumping boom bap sounds of Superior to the not so subtle personal lyrics of Verbal Kent. Guests that get it in on the album include Vic SpencerSonnyjim, Recognize Ali and Lance Ambu. Take a listen and get with the project as it out now on all platforms.
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