Hey all…

So as mentioned on the last update we had some more news that I can now confirm.

New Editor:

It’s with great pleasure that I would to welcome Emmanuel to the team.
Emmanuel will be updating us on all the newness coming from France. All the French post we’ve been doing so far, it’s mainly due to our long time editor ~peacelove.
Now with Emmanuel also on board we will be able to cover events and do more posts on new talent. Emmanuel has a whole lot of experience in hip hop, he works on tv & radio, and has worked with renowned acts such the Jazz Liberators, and creates events in Paris on the regular.
A great addition to the team, as you all will notice from now on. Please visit his website for more great music and content (Highly recommended)


We finally have a proper newsletter…being updated and edited by the good brother Heraldo, our newsletter looks fresh, simple and clean (if I may so myself).
We will be giving you updates and news on everything word is bond related, big articles, exclusives, events, etc…it’s really worth subscribing to keep on top of things. And to be honest it was about time for us to reach out to you guys, our faithful readers.
The newsletter will be sent every Wednesday, and the first edition was sent last week (read it here). Please add yourself to our list, by filling the form on the top right hand corner of the site.

That’s all for now ya’ll…thanks ever so much for keeping it tuned to word is bond, and for all the love shown on the daily.

Please add us to Facebook for updates, and join us on our Forum for dope conversations on good music.

Peace & Blessings


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