I’ve been eagerly awaiting JR & PH7 to release the first single off their upcoming album “The Good Life”. And well, whattayaknow, it has arrived and does not disappoint. Hailing from Colonge, Germany, the beat mastering duo privies us with “Until It’s All Said And Done” featuring the lyrical abilities of Sean Price and Skyzoo. The beat on this track is beautiful, highlighted by soulful vocal samples and punchy drum sounds. I’m really diggin how clean and low-key Sean Price sounds here, his flow calm and perfectly in sync with the beat. Skyzoo comes through on point too, just as one would expect.

One thing I can always count on from JR & PH7: fresh and classic production from start to finish. The duo released a lil 8 track EP back in July, titled “The Good Life”. I can only imagine these dudes have so much legit material to put out, two discs in two months is easy.

I first got into JR & PH7 back in 2009 when they released their first LP “The Standard”. After just a quick listen, JR & PH7’s production talents were obvious. This album is a classic in my mind, one of the top 5 albums to drop that year. And if you don’t know, do yourself a favor and rewind to ’09 real quick for a listen. Every track is a winner. They followed up by dropping “The Update” in 2010, another top-notch, incredibly produced piece of work.

People, mark your calendars for the October release of “The Good Life” by JR & PH7. If this single is any indication, we’ll have another beautiful composition to listen to front to back.

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