Swiss producer Hook has embarked on his first-ever solo musical project since he started his career some 15 years ago. Having been a member of numerous projects from Muthoni Drummer Queen, Murmures Barbares to Yeba and more, Hook has already created an impressive portfolio that has showcased his genre-fusing style to the public. Currently, he is working on his debut solo EP titled Planting Seeds and he sets the tone with the lead single “Hello Sadness”. The production is a potpourri of sounds that blend futuristic R&B with electronic pop elements underpinned by Afrocentric elements.  The record is a collaborative effort that sees Hook teaming with Kenyan stars Karun, Steph Kapela and Sim Citizen to share their thoughts on the failures of love. Over the dynamic soundscape, the artist each bring something different and distinct to the forefront with expressive vocal runs, emotional punchy performances and an earworm hook to boot.

The visual is equally captivating and makes use of engaging visual aesthetics, subtle motifs and expressive performance scenes helmed by the artists involved.


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