Uptown Trizz – The Experiment (Prod. EJR)

Uptown Trizz – Fuck A Hook Ft. RockOn

Uptown Trizz – All By My Lonely (Prod. Leroy Fuego)

THIS IS A WIB CHIN CHECKER!!!…Young and Collective has found a home here on WIB and have been featured ever since Diggler first got on with WIB… Whittier,California Reppin’ “Uptown Trizz” Droppin’ his first solo debut with “Young GreenLeaf Musik” Production laced by the Nine90s and Duplex…The Collective disperse different qualities in persona, different qualties of sound…But share all the same similarity of audible placement within there own verbal linguistics…Uptown Trizz reps that Uptown and they way of life that he leads…So as he breaths in and exhales his steez on a track, it’s known that the YOUNG & Collective have just begun..So as its said… Sit Back and roll up with pleasure and BANG THIS PROPERLY!!… BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE YOUNG & COLLECTIVE FOR THE LOVE ON THAT OUTRO GHEA!!


DOWNLOAD “Young GreenLeaf Musik” ON Bandcamp CLICK HERE

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