Animal Bikes and Chess Move Cartel Present: Live from the Streets.
“In the fifth episode, we headed over to the Trocadero theater in Philly to meet up with Immortal Technique. He was on tour to promote his new album “The Martyr” and was under the weather but took the time to record some vocals for us to use as a scratch hook. Even though he was exhausted he was cool enough to give us a shout out and some words of encouragement. Then we went to Occupy Philadelphia at City Hall to meet up with an amazing woman named Sherry Somach. She talked to us a while about protesting back in the days of the Vietnam war vs. today and played us her original song “99 Percent”. Next we headed up to New York City to film on Wall St. where the entire occupy movement began. Finally, since the protest has spread to over 200 different cities nationwide, we gather some clips filmed in other parts of the country.
Big thank you to Immortal Technique and Sherry Somach forbeing a part of the song. Also big thanks to Reef the Lost Cause.


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