The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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G4Jag – “First Advance”



G4Jag is not resting on his oars and delivers the video for “First Advance” taken from his upcoming  Regressions LP with the producer Mephux. The track is a laidback solemn piece showcasing G4jag’s unique gruff vocals and evocative lyrics.

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NTF – “Facts Don’t Fade”



NTF got a new one entitled “Facts Don’t Fade” where he drops gems the best way he can. Over a somber backdrop, he flips between English and Spanish to get his thoughts across as he reaffirms the fact that life ain’t what it seem to be.

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Maniacal x Jamar Carr – “What Good is Love”


Maniacal and Jamar Carr take time to reflect on the true meaning of love on “What Good is Love” a soulful track ripe with lush textures, smooth vocal samples, and punchy drums. Both emcees share their experience with love gone sour and it may seem they are talking about women but it actuality the track is a metaphor for music.
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Killtarzan – “Beers for Breakfast”


Alternative hip-hop artist/ producer from Dallas, Killtarzan caught our ears with his new self-produced release “Beers for Breakfast.” The sultry emo-R&B cut sees him teaming with vocalist DeShazo and the result is an ethereal piece ripe with sublime melodic runs over a smooth atmospheric texture. The video is shot/directed by @Third.Earth and captures the artists in their element.
Stream the song here.


Blu Hyku – “Lucky Star”


Blu Hyku ‘s newest release “Lucky Star” is a heartfelt and honest look at the ups and downs of a long distant relationship. Backed by a smooth laidback texture, he shares his experiences in the situation and it’s relatable and quite evocative.
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E.D. – “NTS”


Emerging Owensboro, Kentucky raised emcee E.D. makes his entry on our list with the video for his song “NTS.” The track is a pure showcase of lyrical skills as we get to see E.D in his element. He packs quite a lot with insightful and bravado lines.
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Ockx x Dirty Dickenz – “New Avengers”

Ockx teams up with Dirty Dickenz for this new collaboration titled “New Avengers” bolstered by a cinematic and punchy backdrop, both emcees come through with vivid lyrics, and their unique styles are blended seamlessly.
This is taken from Ockx’s new Ep Stay on Point.

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YFLY – “My Bag”


Bronx emcee YFLY is in his element on “My Bag” a track that showcases his fiery style. Over the punchy trap backdrop he delivers a solid performance as well and shares his thoughts on having a strong work ethic and getting one’s business in order.
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Dazy Chain – “Cool”


Dazy Chain makes a splash on our list with this punchy tune titled “Cool.” A lyric dense track is ripe with warm and groovy backdrop and a blend of insightful and bravado lyrics.
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Meggaman – “Unappreciated”


Meggaman‘s new single “Unappreciated” is an honest and insightful record about doing the right thing to better one’s self. The somber backdrop and touching lyrics on personal struggles and life hurdles are quite touching and vivid too.
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Chames – “Alright (Revelation 21:4)”


Chames uplifts our spirits on his new single “Alright (Revelation 21:4)” a heartfelt and honest song about staying on the right path and keeping one’s faith no matter how hard life is. “Alright (Revelation 21:4)” is taken from his new EP: Spring Psalms
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C.Norris – “Six Carats” (feat. Jayy Grams)


C.Norris drops “Six Carats” as the lead single off his forthcoming project Uncut Gems. Bolstered by a laidback soulful backdrop, he teams up with Baltimore’s very own Jayy Grams to add his own perspective to the track. Both emcees do deliver the goods and share their thoughts on having a solid work ethic and go-getter mindstate
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Chubs – “Nose Bone” (Produced by Lord Jewish)


New York emcee Chubs teams up with his long-time music partner, Eitan Noyze (aka Lord Jewish) for this Mobb deep inspired track “Nose Bone” It flips the same sample from the classic song “eye for an eye” and flips it into something new. Chubs are in his element here and deliver vivid verses with fiery precision. “Nose Bone” is a loosie to set the stage for Chubs and Lord Jewish’s next project to be announced shortly, as well as new work with Danny Diablo (aka Ezec), Bub Styles, Chris Rivers and other notables.
More info here.


Skypp – “Dizaster to Glory” (feat. DJ Topspeed)


“Dizaster to Glory” is a hard-hitting collaboration between emerging emcee Skypp and DJ Topspeed. Backed by the punchy backdrop courtesy of Joey French, Skypp tasks time to celebrate his wins out of the rubble with his impassioned flow and uplifting lyrics.
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Badbelly x Stress – “Someones” ft Stress


Badbelly and Stress team up for the harrowing and insightful track titled “Someones.” Over a dark somber backdrop crafted by Badbelly, Stress delivers a gripping and evocative performance with vivid lyrics about being a man living in America in a time when Someone’s Children are regularly being killed at the hands of the police. This is the first release from the project titled 2020Children.
Get it on Bandcamp.



Jive- “I am Tomorrow”


Nigerian rapper/singer Jive‘s newest “I am Tomorrow” is a heartfelt and impassioned track that pays homage to the youths of Africa who are ready to take charge regardless of the obstacles they face daily.




Emerging Nigerian singer Belle caught our ears with her new single “ADDICTION” a mix of R&B and moody trap vibes that showcases her eclectic style and wide vocal range. She delivers a sultry performance ripe with smooth melodies and impassioned vigor. The track dives into the concept of scarcity where an individual doesn’t create time for their partner who is neck-deep in love.


IAMTHELIVING x Teon Gibbs – “Boxes”


“Boxes” is the newest single from the duo IAMTHELIVING and Teon Gibbs whose eclectic mix of UK r&b/hiphop caught our ears since we heard about them. “Boxes” is another notch on their belt as they seamlessly blend warm retro-styled elements with modern sensibilities. The track details finding love where the individual ticks all the right boxes. It’s relatable, honest, and quite catchy as well. “Boxes” is taken from their upcoming EP JNGL
“Boxes” available everywhere here.



Terell Safadi x Michelle Heyoka – “Made For This”


Canadian emcee Terell Safadi is in his element on his new single “Made For This.” Backed by an upbeat cinematic backdrop, he shares his thoughts on his work ethic pays homage to those who are dedicated to their passion. Joining him on the track is singer Michelle Heyoka who delivers a heartfelt and alluring vocal performance.
Get it on all DSPs here.




TrueMendous – “Y”

TrueMendous shares his new single”Y” as she prepares to drop her debut album. The track sees her embodying her true self while ignoring the naysayers and haters. The jazz-infused track sees her teaming up with fellow Birmingham native Kofi Stone who adds his own 2 cents to the track
Pre-order her LP Misdiagnosis of Chyvonne Johnson here


Requiem – “Backstroke”


Melbourne rapper Requiem makes his entry on our playlist with this insightful and reflective track titled “Backstroke.” Backed by a bouncy and somber backdrop courtesy of beatmaker Hamley, Requiem implores listeners to keep their head up and also pays homage to those that have passed on. The core message is emotional, motivational, and heartfelt
Stream Backstroke here.​




Wahyo x Biz x Spliff – “Crown”


Wahyo teams up with Biz and Spliff on “Crown” a rousing hard-hitting posse cut that is ripe with lyricism ranging from bravado to insightful perspectives. This is the lead single from his Class Of 85 album.
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Weasel Sims x King Trxll – “Coke Raps Freestyle”


The chi-town rap duo Weasel Sims and King Trxll take us deep into the gritty street lifestyle in their new collaboration titled “Coke Raps Freestyle.” The dark song is as vivid as they come with each emcee sharing their perspective with evocative and impassioned performance.
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Mukhy – “I’m On Freestyle”


Mukhy closes the playlist with his new release “I’m On Freestyle.” Over a somber trap backdrop, he delivers a wide range of flows laced with bravado and intent.
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