Hip-Hop is changing...

When The Word Is Bond started in 2010, the hip-hop landscape was a different place, characterised by an overbearing commercial influence. In response, our vision was to promote the underground emcees we loved and share music which was underexposed.

Five years on and the collective journey has been epic. Thanks to a dedicated team of writers and contributors, we have been able to connect artists with fans, sharing multi-media content which highlights the hip-hop we love. If hip-hop previously lived on the streets, it’s now found a home online, with blogging culture growing to dominate how people search for music.

Join Us in Shaping the Future Of Underground Hip-Hop....

We want you to help us to continue to shape its direction, and keep us on the pulse of new music. With attention spans dwindling, it can be difficult for artists to make noise amongst the herd, yet this exponential growth in content has allowed us to cherry pick the best hip-hop and showcase top quality acts. We want to work with artists and labels that share our vision for quality.

As things push forward, the plan is increase our offering. We run a weekly Podcast in the states, have our own online store, and share daily music videos & audio posts that can find themselves on all corners of the web. If you are an artist or label rep hoping to get involved with us, contact info@thewordisbond.com and help us to be the connection which enables you to communicate with your audience. 

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Official Partner of Some of the Most Respected Brands Underground

Thewordisbond.com has the honour to partner with some of the most respect record labels, artists and brands right now in the Underground scene.
From Redefinition Records, label for K-Def, Damu The Fudgemunk….
to Walker Wear, the iconic gear brand that Tupac, Biggie and many others…

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