North Carolina’s rapper/producer C.Shreve the Professor‘s newest release “Break It Down” is a reflective and insightful piece that is much needed in these times. The self-produced acoustic guitar-driven track is solemn and has a solid drum groove underpinned by C. Shreve’s heartfelt songwriting that centers on chasing one’s goals and pushing through the rumble and daily struggles that life throws at us. Lines like

Fuck it I like cuttin up, now watch me sever things
What’s a lever bring, compound force
The feelin is everything, yeah I’m on a sound source
Assembling the strong force and the focus
Of everyone that feel helpless and everyone that’s hopeless, yeah

gives audiences a relatable and clear view of the message and ends with an uplifting tone.

“Break It Down” is the latest single from his forthcoming LP Shreve Got Lost.



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