The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Lynx Cane – “Hope”

South-East London-based rapper/producer Lynx Cane finds “Hope” in the midst of darkness. Bolstered by a moody and reflective soundscape, Lynx shares with listeners his own trials and tribulations and how he survived it all.



Fly Anakin – “Blicky Bop”

Fly Anakin sets it off for the new year with his newest single “Blicky Bop” which is the lead single from his forthcoming EP Skinemaxxx (Side A), out April 5th via Lex Records. The track sees him teaming up with producer Foisey who laces the Richmond rapper with an eclectic and off-kilter backdrop rich with dreamy and soulful textures. Fly Anakin sure comes through with his gruff vocals and stylish cadence bolstered by his characteristic bravado and off-kilter rhyme schemes.



Myron Wright – “Karma”

Myron Wright gives us a classic tale of “Karma” in his new release. Bolstered by a cinematic nd punchy soundscape, the rapper digs deep and gets introspective on the subject matter of how people with ulterior motives can ascend to the apex but no matter what, Karma is always around the corner.



Tay Toe – “Need to Know”

Tay Toe‘s  new effort titled  “Need to Know” is a tribute to his late grandmother who passed away in 2009. The track is made up of sombre piano riffs and showcases Tay’s vocal runs as he pours his heart on wax. He reminisces on how young he was when she passed and the guilt he felt for not spending more time with her while she was here. The record sure is heartwarming and is relatable.


T.O.N.Y. – “Don’t Rush”

T.O.N.Y.  return to our playlist with the new single “Don’t Rush”, the heartfelt tune dives into the complications that come with being in a toxic relationship. Over a moody and sombre soundscape, the artists detail their experience in the aforementioned situation and how they managed to manoeuvre through it.




SHOTTIE – “Taco Tuesday

SHOTTIE slings verbal shots in the aptly titled single titled “Taco Tuesday“. Over a cinematic and brooding soundscape, the emcee breaks the mould with his animated flow and vivid lyricism. 


young saab – “4 LEAF CLOVER”


young saab teams up with Chattanooga-based YGTUT. for “4 LEAF CLOVER”, a smooth soul/hiphop fusion that showcases the artist’s versatility. Young Saab leads the charge with his airy vocal runs followed by YGTUT’s laidback flow and candid lyrics. This is the lead single from Saab’s mixtape.

John Brown – “+001”

John Brown kicks off 2023 with an introspective banger, paying homage to those we lost while planting his feet for the road ahead. Over the anthemic soundscape provided by theBURBSLIFE, with live bass from PaulPapaBearJohnson, Brown delivers a fiery performance ripe with candid and heartfelt bars.



Ehizoje – “Lent Freestyle”

LA-born, Riverisde-raised artist Ehizoje gets candid in his new release titled “Lent Freestyle”. The beat has a soulful backdrop and sees the rapper in his element as he pours his heart on wax with a dash of bravado.


Austin Wise – “Lane and the Address”

Austin Wise pops up on our list with “Lane and the Address” which sees him teaming with longtime friend and producer Wave Parker. Over a smooth west coast, bouncy soundscape the rapper details his journey through life’s trenches and how he overcame the struggles while focusing on self-growth and making his dreams come true. It’s the lead single off of his forthcoming EP The Things I Can’t Control.

Rhymie Lee – “Reason for Breathing”

UK-based multi-genre artist Rhymie Lee gives us a “Reason for Breathing” in his new single. The heartfelt track is insightful and introspective as Rhymie breaks down his growth as a man trying to stay above water in these trying times. From the ups and downs, he maintains his composure and stays on the grind to achieve his goals.

H. Kain – “The Switch Up”

Milwaukee Hip-hop artist/songwriter Martanya Marques Washington is better known by his stage name H.Kain. He makes his entry on our playlist with this hard-hitting record titled “The Switch Up”. The cinematic soundscape is energetic and his fiery flow cuts through the mix as he holds nothing back with the verbal body blows.

SomeoneCalledSomeone – “Breakdown”


Emerging rapper SomeoneCalledSomeone delivers this reflective tune titled “Breakdown” which dives into personal loss, depression and self-growth. He makes use of a mellow and solemn soundscape and delivers his thoughts with a distinct and rapid melodic flow underpinned by heartfelt lyrics.

Stoner’s Island – “TSA” (feat. Sonny Kolfax, REDD HANDED & Trill Nik)

Stoner’s Island gets into an introspective mode in his new release “TSA” which sees him teaming up with Sonny Kolfax, REDD HANDED and Trill Nik. Over a sombre piano-laden soundscape, the rappers remind us of how loyalty and true friendship works as they move around the globe living their dreams. The song is taken from their album and was recorded one weekend at an Airbnb. The second album is being mastered as we speak

Adro – “Award // Royal Blues”

Memphis, TN based rapper Adro makes his entry on our list with “Award // Royal Blues”. The track is a 2 in 1 track that is made up of cinematic and nostalgic samples that blend with his off-kilter rhyme schemes.

luvwander – “escape”

luvwander‘s “escape” is a sombre and reflective tune made up of dreamy soulful samples. The artist delivers an airy and sublime performance laced with subtle melodies threaded by off-kilter elements.


Influence – “Step”

Emerging rapper/songwriter Influence gets into the zone with his new single “Step”. The piano-driven track has a moody feel and sees the rapper flexing his verbal muscles on the haters.

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