WaynEZ drops a very inspirational record to commemorate the new year. It took me a minute to get to this record but after listening to song, it was evidently necessary that it be shared with everyone. This is a good foot to stand on as we begin the journey into the new year. The rapper who some might describe as a gospel artist, gives an insight into the material saying; “I produced and wrote this piece in celebration of the New Year. I pray that you are led by the Holy Spirit this year and for all years to come. Amen… ‘New Year 2021’ was recorded in celebration of the new year and acts as a reminder to allow God to lead you this year and evermore. A focus on confession and reassurance sets the stage of set backs highlighted by faith in God’s power to redeem.”

Florida born and raised Jamaican-American rapper, WaynEZ (Wayne-Easy) began pursuing music seriously in early 2019. After six months of dedicated work, he felt spiritually convicted to make music that exhibited his faith in God and the lens through which he sees the world. His goal is to spread the Word of God with high quality lyrics and an honest point of view.
Stream the song on Soundcloud, Deezer, Spotify and Apple Music. Go give WaynEZ a follow on Instagram and Twitter.
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