The emerging rapper who goes by the moniker Savage Storms delivers a triple release that showcases his personal anecdotes and a whole lot of bravado.


The first cut we have is the somber and reflective song titled “My Ballad.” The song serves as the opening track to Storms’ debut project  Emotionz. The track sees the rapper detailing his struggles ranging from self-doubts, naysayers trying to distract him, and fake friends backstabbing him. Despite it all, Storms shows that his will and determination is beyond the obstacles.

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The second cut “One Shot” is an all-out lyrical onslaught by Storms who makes use of a triumphant and hard-hitting track. He doesn’t hold back the punches and from the onset, he goes for the jugular with a fiery and confident flow over the classic “Ground Zero” sample.

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Storms close it out on an uplifting note with the track “G.S.P.” where he takes time to count his victories and move past the haters and adversity. He makes use of a vibrant backdrop to convey his thoughts and gives the listener a vivid view of his situation.

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