West-London-raised artist Zush is not stopping for breaks as he closes out the year with this energetic piece titled  “Playing for Keeps”. The track serves as his second release since his previous single “We Got The Sauce”. Armed with a distinct vocal tone and expressive flow, Zush delivers a blend of insight with street savvy demeanour on this track which captures his journey through the dark alleys and bright lights as he makes his way through urban decay, disenfranchisement and lack of resources while being resourceful.
Backed by the dark and moody soundscape, Zush takes us deep into his world with lines like “hidden powers trying to block rights/Now you looking sour wit your off white/remain focused never lost sight/cutting ???? with a hot knife/Ignore the lotus at the stop lights/Hope they don’t notice when I swap bikes” and gives us a vivid account of his life. As the title suggests, this track is a testament to Zush’s determination and go-getter spirit.


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