We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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JazzyCal – “Jessica”



Lofi-jazz producer JazzyCal delivers his new piece titled “Jessica” which is a horn-laden cut with sombre and reflective aesthetics that draws one in.


Dj Frankie Green – “Fill This Basket”


Dj Frankie Green implores us to “Fill This Basket” in his latest effort. The laidback piece has a rich bass guitar, smooth sublime licks and keys with head-nodding grooves to complete the job.



Navelpluis – “Anika”

Navelpluis maks his entry on our site with “Anika”, a soothing and heartfelt track with rich keys peppered by nostalgia-inducing sound design and snapping drums.



Zeratoma – “Long View”


NW-England-based producer Zeratoma delivers this new piece “Long View”, a soulful jam ripe with jazz and hip-hop. The layered keys, warm pads and pulsating basslines all come together like white on rice.



Evening Stroll – “Inner City Staycation”


“Inner City Staycation” by French producer Evening Stroll is a reflective and sombre jazz-lofi tune ripe with sublime keys, warm textures and a smooth drum groove. The overall vibe has that homely feel when you are stuck at home while your friends have all gone on holiday. That feeling of nostalgia, sadness and contentment.



RINZ. – “City Square”


RINZ. takes us deep into the “City Square” with this scenic piece. The production has a rich tapestry of sounds ranging from plucky guitars, atmospheric keys and lush pads with soft drum grooves to match.




Dolphin Blue – “Sometimes It Rains”

Dolphin Blue’s “Sometimes It Rains” is a solemn and reflective tune made up of sombre pads and bell synths underpinned by a rich guitar arrangement and hushed drums. It sure lives up to its title and exudes that feeling of loneliness when it rains.



LOKey – “Autumn Stroll”


LOKey makes his entry on our site with “Autumn Stroll”, an introspective and soulful track that soothes the minds and takes us into our comfort zone. The ethereal pads, soulful keys and soft drums are well-crafted and rich.


Lola – “O Sabor Do Tropicalia”

Lola helps raise the ante with “O Sabor Do Tropicalia”, a bouncy and playful tune ripe with Latin elements and soulful aesthetics. The layered production is peppered with rich keys, warm Spanish guitar riffs and plucks that come together like hand in glove.



Gary Alesbrook – “Be Happy”

Gary Alesbrook show us how to “Be Happy” in this new release. From the solemn pads, soft horn passes and thick bass-line-driven backdrop, he delivers a refreshing and uplifting track for us to dive into.




Jey Co – “Love”.

Jey Co and Streamland show us what true “Love” is. The track is as mellow and warm as a sunny day with its laidback groove, sublime textures and smooth guitar licks.



Danny Miles – “The Bummer Circus

Danny Miles takes us into what he calls  “The Bummer Circus“. The Canadian producer is in his element with this one as he crafts a punchy and somewhat ominous beat ripe with short horn passes, woozy basslines and rapid guitar licks that all come together into a frenzy at the end. The track is taken from his new Hit Record EP.




Dialekt – “Hemon Laze”



Dialekt’s “Hemon Laze” is a laidback retro-tinged jazz/lofi/soul piece that is layered to the core. From the airy and heavenly horns, scenic string pads, crunchy drum breaks and obscure samples, Dialekt really delivers something different on this one.


LoFi Chick – Christmas Town”


LoFi Chick invites us into “Christmas Town” in her latest release. The track is just in time for the holidays and surely sets the tone with it’s bright and soulful keys, warm guitar plucks and sparse grooves and alluring pads.



Flapjaques – “overtime”

Flapjaques got us spending “overtime” on his new record. He crafts a throwback boom-bap, soul-jazz piece ripe with dusty horns, solemn strings, and punchy drums with a nostalgic vibe.




meppi – “Guardian Angel”

meppi brings out his “Guardian Angel” in this new release. The record has a rich sombre tapestry layered with rich guitar plucks, bright keys and a sombre scenic string pad to boot which alludes to the coming of that special someone.




nead – Lofi Greenery”

nead’s Lofi Greenery” is a soul-stirring tune that takes listeners to a different world filled with possibilities. The dreamy and ethereal sounds are quite engulfing and the overall feeling of bliss is undeniable.






Lofi Milk – “2 A.M.” (feat. Kensuke Ohmi)

Lofi Milk and Kensuke Ohmi  show us what happens in “2 A.M.” The track has that classic Jazz feel with lofi sensibilities and together the result is a rich soothing piece that stirs the soul.


Fungie – “By The Sea”

Fungie takes us “By The Sea” with his latest release and it’s perfect for the layered production and is quite distinct and engaging. From the soft guitar plucks, and overall sublime pads and grooves, Fungie surely delivered a solid tune.




Maca x Mugensoul – “nuances”

Maca and Mugensoul team up to deliver this outstanding tune titled “nuances” which captures the warmth and alluring vibes of summer at its peak.





jjobenn – “grass jelly”

jjobenn‘s  “grass jelly” is a playful and feel-good jam peppered with sublime pads, rich guitar plucks and a smooth drum groove to boot.


L O F I L U V – “Barefoot in the Rain”

L O F I L U V comes through once again on our playlist with “Barefoot in the Rain”, a sombre piano-laden lofi jam that captures the childhood memories of playing barefoot in the rain against our parents’ wishes. Its innocence and nostalgic vibes are quite undeniable.



Mr. Donsai – “Stardust”.

Mr. Donsai pours some “Stardust” into our playlist with his newest effort. The dreamy pads, sparse drums and rich sombre tones are all tied up with lush and atmospheric textures. Perfect background music to sleep to.




Beats By Alice – “Late Night Tales”

Beats By Alice puts the cap on this week’s playlist with the perfectly crafted tune titled “Late Night Tales”. The textures are soothing and relaxing and draws listeners in with its nostalgic aesthetic.


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