Brighton-based Zimbabwean singer/songwriter/music producer FARI started making music in her bedroom studio decades ago and slowly racked up the needed ten thousand hours. Taking elements like the warmth of Neo-Soul, the emotional authenticity of R&B and the spontaneous energy of Live Looping, FARI brings a distinct sound to the forefront that captures the interconnectivity between experimentation and genuineness. Her latest effort titled “in the vein” is a testament to the way she pushes her musical boundaries and its proof is in the listening. Over the rich tangy guitar licks, moody strings and warm bass-driven grooves, the singer pours her all with every fibre of her being. Her lovelorn state is bolstered on the chorus when she sings

its the moment
in the evening
when the sun dips
and they’re leaving
that when i feel closer to you

Her sultry vocal runs take precedence and she draws audiences in with such refreshing candour and soul-stirring melodic arrangement that permeates the soul.



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