We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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SRCMTRL – “the wrlds finest”

SRCMTRL got us with this new release titled “the wrlds finest”. A laidback moody piano-driven cut that hits the soul with its nostalgic aesthetic. The track is the lead and title track from his sophomore LP. Get it here.


Moka Only – “For You”

Moka Only returns with a surprise new summer jazzy instrumental hip hop track entitled “For You”. The dusty and groovy joint is made up of low tones, airy horns, and punchy drum grooves to boot. This is just a little offering showcasing his production prowess.




Kobe Banks – “360 flip

Emerging producer Kobe Banks shares his new release “360 flip”, a mellow soulful jam that blends lush guitar chops, smooth vocal sample cover punchy drum grooves. Overall it also exudes a summer vibe that everyone can rock with.



KickTracks – “When you are closer”

Kicktracks is a young beatmaker and producer from Moscow, Russia whose new release  “When you are closer” is as eclectic as they come. He makes use of an obscure vocal sample, warm and atmospheric textures and mellow drum grooves to create something unique and different.



Stefano Pesapane – “Quando Non Ci Sei


Italian composer Stefano Pesapane makes his entry on our site with “Quando Non Ci Sei“, a jazz-infused beat ripe with warm strings, mellow guitar riffs, and layered sounds laced over soft drum grooves. It has a nostalgic and dreamy feel as well.


Gho$tnote Lin – “Fuse”

Gho$tnote Lin‘s “Fuse” is an experimental and off kilter piece that blends moody and atmospheric texture with soft drums. It’s quite sublime and somewhat engulfing as well.


Jomy – “King Roland”

Jomy’s new release “King Roland” is an eclectic piece ripe with warm and moody keys and reflective pads layered over mellow lively drums.


DaMarcus VanBuren – “Kev Martin (Instrumental Version)”

DaMarcus VanBuren gifts us with “Kev Martin (Instrumental Version)” in this week’s list. The track has punchy drums, melancholic keys, and moody flute strings as well. It’s straightforward and perfect for something to relax.




VAAAL – “Tetragrammaton”

VAAAL comes through with “Tetragrammaton”, a haunting and dynamic beat that ebb and flows as it progresses. The cinematic strings, soft pads, and laidback drum grooves work in tandem with the build-ups and drops. This is the second single and title track from his third album Tetragrammaton.


Buddy.not.bud – “Spin With The World”


Budding producer Buddy.not.bud caught our ears with “Spin With The World”, which is the first song off his latest release titled One. The beat makes use of dusty samples with off-beat chops and smooth drum grooves. Overall it has a nostalgic and reflective vibe that listeners can rock with.



Took Katagiri – “Daydream Romance”



Took Katagiri‘s “Daydream Romance” is a soulful and somber piece ripe with lush and happy piano progressions, an uplifting bassline, and ethereal pads.



Trapback – “Distant”



Trapback makes his entry on our list with “Distant”, a sublime and ethereal piece that is made up of moody pads, warm strings, and soft drum grooves. The track is taken from his forthcoming EP, Coastline.



MicroCosmicOrbit – “Learn”



MicroCosmicOrbit makes a solid entry on the list with “Learn”. The track is part boom-bap, part experimental as the drums hit the mark and sampling techniques are quite rich and off-kilter.



Duchamp-Killer – “Clarity”


Portugal -based producer Duchamp-Killer showcases something different with his new release “Clarity”. He takes elements from soul, lofi, and drum n bass. The arrangement is dynamic as it ebb and flows as it moves along. The vocal sample is off-kilter and sometimes goes off the 1 and stays on the beat at different points.



SSNG – “Fall in the groove”


SSNG‘s “Fall in the groove” is a wild of kilter beat that samples a classic soul record but chops it into indistinguishable bits. The drums are powerful and have an offbeat groove that strays from the usual and the guitar chops are sprinkled all over it for good measure.





Efajemue – “Klink”



Instrumentalist Efajemue helped wrap up this week’s list with “Klink”, a smooth ethereal piece that blends jazz with lofi elements. The textures are lush and dreamy, the strings have a somber and nostalgic feel and the groove is steady and soft as well. This song also features Ted Taforo (Spoon, Snow Nerds) on saxophone/flutes and Frank Ojeda (Neun, The Strike,VaVá) on bass.

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