We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Secret Spot – “A Distant Place”

Secret Spot helps open up the list with “A Distant Place”. The aptly titled track slowly builds into a retrospective and reflective piece. From the moody keys, low tones and chilled pads, the producer really taps into human emotions with this soul-stirring arrnagement.


Rusticdoodles – “Breath of Fresh Air”

Indonesian producer Rusticdoodles gives us a much needed “Breath of Fresh Air” with this bright and hopeful tune. The airy pads, lush guitar plucks and keys all blend with the excellent sound design and mellow grooves.



Arkadi Martinë – “Møn”

German producer Arkadi Martinë drops the new release “Møn”, a melancholic and soothing track made up of plucky guitar riffs, airy sounds and soft drums. It’s blissful and soothing from start to finish.




Dumage – “Rainy Day in Tokyo”

Dumage shows us what a “Rainy Day in Tokyo” feels like. Blending bright guitar phrases, lush synth stabs, mellow pads and textures with slick drum grooves, the producer sure brings the feeling of rain and moodiness to our ears.




e.kwality – “12 Pads”

Producer e.kwality‘s “12 Pads” is inspired by the layout of the legendary SP-404 and it’s music-making capacities. The producer sure brings out the best with his jazz-infused lofi vibe and deliver the goods,






Mr. Donsai – “Shooting Stars”

Mr. Donsai help calm our spirits with “Shooting Stars”, a chilled lofi tune that is made up of atmospheric synths, sparking piano riffs and a nostalgia-inducing texture to boot.




harukanaroo – “Twilight Station”

Indonesian producer harukanaroo had us at the opening sound with his new release titled “Twilight Station”. The soft piano progression, sombre pads and laidback sparse drums are quite engaging and gives a soothing overall feel.




The Guaposition – “catmode”

Eclectic producer The Guaposition brings something different to the playlist with his newest effort titled “catmode”. The guitar pucks have a lively and somewhat riveting sheen and the basslines and pads all slowly build up as the song progresses. It’s hard to categorize the style and sound but overall, it’s enticing and unique.

nz – “Running Water”

Producer nz gives us the true therapeutic feeling of”Running Water” in his latest effort. From the running water sound bites, lush violins, layered orchestral arrangement and soft drums, nz delivers a brilliant piece that we all can use to soothe our souls.


The Last Nation – “Look Up”

“Look Up” is a sombre and reflective record by Italian producer The Last Nation. He blends soothing lofi elements with a unique sound design that is made up of ethereal pads, sparsely arranged piano-like riffs and bright synths.


kozebeats – “mallows and cocoa”

kozebeats drops some “mallows and cocoa” on our list and it’s much needed. The playful jazzy piano chords blend perfectly with the soulful synths, pulsating bass line and crunchy drum groove as well.



Sincere Leone – “A Love Letter To You”

Sincere Leone‘s “A Love Letter To You” is a soulful and reflective track that is made up of dreamy textures, soft percussions and lush synth stabs that adds a cool touch to it all.



Vladislav Kurnikov – “Breath Of Autumn”

Russian producer Vladislav Kurnikov gives us a clean “Breath Of Autumn”. His new release is ripe with a somewhat off-beat groove, solemn pads, soothing vocal samples and lush guitar licks. Just as the title suggests, it mentally prepares us for the transition to winter.



Ill Sugi – “ZYPressen”

Ill Sugi drops “ZYPressen” s the second single from his new lofi instrumental hip-hop album ZYPressen. The track is as moody as they come and makes use of subtle moody changes, transitions that uses filter effects and more.



Walt Dolla – “Happy Hour”

Detroit Michigan-based producer Walt Dolla returns to our playlist with this mellow and soothing piece titled “Happy Hour”. It employs soft drum grooves, subtle vocal samples and a reflective piano progression to boot.




seekx – “Warmth”

Japanese producer seekx gives us some much-needed “Warmth”. The track is soothing and has an overall melancholic feel. The slow build-up textures and lush guitar plucks really blend together.




Astronomers of the Strange – “Bowling Alone”

Astronomers of the Strange are not new to us and once again they thrill us with another gem in the form of the release titled “Bowling Alone”. The jazz/soul vibe is unprecedented and the layered instrumentation is superbly done.



Vladislav Kurnikov – “Bliss”

Russian producer Vladislav Kurnikov raises the ante on the list with this upbeat record titled “Bliss”. The summer-tinged beat is made up of crisp piano riffs, moody vocal samples, bright synth plucks and a bouncy drum groove to complete the job.


Lo-Fi Tigers – “Starlight Trip”


Lo-Fi Tigers caught our ears with “Starlight Trip”, a chilled relaxing tune that is airy, spacey and nostalgic all at once. I like the sparse arrangement, guitar-driven breakdowns and subtle progressions as well.



TienYinMen – Crescent Moon – “Oriental Lo-fi”

“Oriental Lo-fi” is an aptly titled record from Taiwanese producer TienYinMenCrescent Moon. He blends traditional elements with lofi sensibilities in a way where all the integrity is intact. The use of vocal samples is brilliant as well and it adds a rich aesthetic to it.


AR KAY – “Nights in Oslo”


AR KAY makes his entry on our site with “Nights in Oslo” and its perfect. I like the slow build-up and wobbly synth strings, glowing textures and overall nostalgia-inducing feel


mund – “Sunsets”

mund‘s “Sunsets” is a brilliant piece that really tugs at the heart. The sombre keys, ethereal pads and guitar arrangement are well-crafted and soothing as well.



Sloowmi – “Fireflies”

Swedish producer Sloowmi leads us into the valley of the “Fireflies” in this soothing piece. He employs risp guitar plucks, airy pads and warm textures as his central instrumentation and underpins them with soft grooves, sounds from nature and a mellow bassline as well.


amlo x softeen – “we need to talk”

USA and Turkey collide respectively as producers amlo and softeen team up for this chilled jazz/lofi tune titled “we need to talk”. The record is dynamic and made up of lush pads, serene-inducing strings and alluring keys to boot.



Ogi feel the Beat – “Orbital Delight”

Ogi feel the Beat drops the new single “Orbital Delight” which showcases his blend of lofi/jazz and futuristic elements all in one. The layered arrangement is quite gripping and rousing as well.


Sith Lord Beatz – “Superiority Complex”

Sith Lord Beatz makes a grand entrance on our list with this hard-hitting track titled “Superiority Complex”. it is a potpourri of old cinema sound bites, off-kilter sound design and epic brass stab underpinned by punchy drum grooves. It is unpredictable and off-kilter.



Tony Rosenberg – “Old City”

Canadian instrumentalist Tony Rosenberg takes us deep into the “Old City” with this soothing and summer-tinged beat. The flutes, crisp piano phrases and warm pads really blend perfectly.



rocomoco x Bastido – “Wild Blue Yonder”

“Wild Blue Yonder” is a relaxing and chilled beat from rocomoco and Bastido who team up for a brilliant release. The track has lush piano riffs, warm pads and soft drum grooves peppered by subtle bass lines as well and it’s perfect to help listeners relax.

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