As we celebrate 50 years of Hip-Hop, Vevo has partnered with several hip-hop icons and to kick things off, it’s only right to bring in the legendary group Public Enemy to kick start the campaign. The video takes us back to 1989 with “The Making of ‘Fight The Power” and shows us the footnotes and different elements that help make the song as iconic as ever. The stylish visuals is stacked with commentary from the group as they break down the writing process, visual concepts, sounds and events of the Spike Lee-directed video that help the newer generation understand how it all started.

In his own words,

“Hip Hop turning 50 means that there can be no doubt, no argument, no ignorance 

about its consequence in the world. Back when PE was coming up, it was in the days before social media. Videos were the only way to connect with hip hop fans around the world. They delivered songs in a full package of sight, sound, story and style. A truly underrated art form. Vevo keeps that connection solid, not only for us but for hip hop artists from every corner of the globe. Here’s to the next 50.”

– Chuck D



Vevo will also have special programming dedicated to celebrating all aspects of the groundbreaking genre, including “Legends In Concert,” “Hip-Hop International,” “2K Hip-Hop Legends,” “Rock Meets Rap,” “70’s Sampled Songs,” ‘80’s Sampled Songs”, and more



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