It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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YMM – “Distance”

UK producer YMM takes us into the “Distance” with this dark, cinematic beat that blends trap and some elements of Grime.

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Mad Candor – “What’s Important”


Mad Candor gifts this week’s list with “What’s Important” a relaxing and soothing beat ripe with solemn choir vocals, keys, and a vocal narration about aiming to be the best.





Mr. Gloomy – “Just Keep Avoiding Movement”


Mr. Gloomy makes his entry on our list with “Just Keep Avoiding Movement” a cinematic guitar-driven beat that sounds like a scene from an action flick. It’s pretty dope.
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Sir Nicolas – “So Far”


Sir Nicolas‘s “So Far” is the lead single from his forthcoming Ep Quarantape. The track has a lush feel and it’s somewhat reflective too. The EP is scheduled to drop on Jan. 29, 2021.
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Ja Labissiere – “peace and pilot”

Haiti born and North Miami raised producer Ja Labissiere gives us some warmth and shooting vibes with his beat “peace and pilot.” It is ripe with sparkling keys, lush basslines, and layered textures.




Dude – “Lost Time”


Dude‘s “Lost Time” has a solemn texture but the drums are punchy. An interesting mix of instruments too. Well crafted from start to finish.





Black Martini – “Stutter (Rap Instrumental)”


Black Martini‘s “Stutter (Rap Instrumental)” is a synth-driven affair and it’s quote bubbly as well. Nice switch-ups and sound design make it very engaging.
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Skaf – “Who Cares”

Italian producer Skaf crafts a mix of a chilled guitar line, lo-fi piano, rain, and urban soundscape fx on his beat titled “Who Cares.” It’s very soothing, somber, and sure fits as the perfect background music to study or just do house chores.
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Eggy Browns – “The Choice”

Eggy Browns switches the energy with his cinematic instrumental “The Choice.” He blends live rumbling drums, thick basslines, soulful vocals, and politically charged vocal narration. There are so many things to unwrap here.
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Johnboybeats – “After This”

Johnboybeats comes through with “After This” a smooth mix of lush keys, moody textures, and basslines. This is pretty somber and soul gripping too.
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Greenbax Beats – “Bike Path”


Greenbax Beats‘s “Bike Path” has a nostalgic and heartwarming mood. The arrangement is seamless and slick too. A solid dose of lo-fi hip-hop for the list.
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Soulone Beats – “Reflection”

Soulone Beats‘s “Reflection” is a vocal collaboration with MR.Skip & King Kamaal. The backdrop is soulful and reflective and the emcees do come correct with insightful lyrics and bars.



Ni_so – “Stones”


Ni_so shares “Stones” from his newest beat tape. The track has a moody somber feel with its lush funky bassline and trippy synths.



Big O – “Down de Rabbit-Hole”


“Down de Rabbit-Hole” is Big O‘s next single off the “Beat Tape Co​-​Op Presents: The Foundation Producer Series 001 Introducing: Big O.”
The beat has a nice smooth bounce and lush textures to match. This is the very first beat tape series from the label Beat Tape Co-op and Big O is the first producer they’ve chosen for the series.



Grim Effect – “Xylo”

“Xylo” is a reflective piece laced with boom-bap drums and lush xylophones. Well crafted from top to bottom.



Violentlyill – “The Coffee Shop”


Violentlyill closes out the list with “The Coffee Shop.” A retro-tinged jazzy beat laced with roaring twenties vibe over boom-bap drums.
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