It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Sbeady – “Dream On”


Sbeady’s “Dream On” is a somber and reflective piece ripe with lush dreamy tones and nostalgic strings. It’s quite relaxing from top to bottom.
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Dude – “Jig”


Dude is an emerging producer who caught our ears with his new release titled “Jig.” The track has a nice bounce and a weird flute-like synth that plays throughout the track. Simple but quite effective



ALLAY – “Avoided”


ALLAY is an experimental electronic artist who caught our ears with his new release “Avoided.” The track is very dynamic and quite off the cuff, the slow build-ups, swirling synths, and sound design is so engaging it’s hard to not get caught up in it.
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Krisengebeat – “Another Day feat. DJ C.S.P.”


Krisengebeat comes through with the soulful beat “Another Day” which sees him working with DJ C.S.P. The track is a nice blend of soulful vocal chops, lush textures, and excellent cuts from DJ C.S.P.
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bmbu – “pressure”


It’s always dope to hear bmbu and his new single “pressure” had to make the cut. He crafts a driving beat ripe with nostalgic horns, dreamy textures, and head-nodding grooves to complete the job.
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Daida – “Night Walk”

Daida shares “Night Walk” which is the second track from his Turquoise Days EP. The track has a surreal texture and somewhat relaxing tone layered with filtered soft drums.
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la kombina sound system – “Bella Dona”


la kombina sound system got us locked in with “Bella Dona” a nice fusion of classical elements with lo-fi sensibilities. The track is quite dark and somewhat somber too.




akaMatisse – “On My Way To Heaven”


“On My Way To Heaven” is the debut release from Toronto-based producer akaMatisse and it sure hits the bullseye. From the nostalgic keys, warm basslines, alluring vocal chops, and head nodding grooves, the track is solid from top to bottom.


KOLA – “Life”


Montreal, Quebec based producer KOLA makes his debut entry on our list with “Life.” An offbeat experimental trap beat that strays from the norm as much as possible. There are so many elements to unwrap here but just hit the play button to really dive into it.




Strychnine – “if only”



Strychnine hit us up with “if only” a solemn, reflective piece that makes for a good listen to while doing chores or just relaxing with a glass.
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Obrigxdo – “Dilla Dessert (Thank You)”


Obrigxdo‘s”Dilla Dessert (Thank You)” is the lead single from the producer’s upcoming album Feed Your Soul, a concept album about Food and things related. “Dilla Dessert (Thank You)” makes use of high pitched vocal sample chops, lush textures, and thumping drums to match.
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Kyuan Yurika! – “Tangie”



“Tangie” by Japan-born, US-based producer Kyuan Yurika! is a classic lo-fi bop ripe with sparse drum arrangement, lush dusty Rhodes, and soothing sound designs that relax the soul.
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Zach Plouffe – “Lofilatenight”

Zach Plouffe is an emerging independent experimental self-taught producer who hit us with something refreshing titled “Lofilatenight.” The track has a nice mellow groove laced with chopped chords and somber textures.


Washyb. – “NoGames”


Washyb.‘s “NoGames” takes some elements from Samba and hip-hop. from the soothing flamenco guitars, head-nodding drums to match basslines, it sure rocks the speakers.
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johnboybeats – “Leisure”


Johnboybeats‘s “Leisure” makes the cut for good reason too. He makes great use of lush textures, relaxing basslines, and silky moods to create something alluring from top to bottom.
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Malekinho – “Fall Leaves”


Malekinho’s “Fall Leaves” is a nice chill-hop jazz bop made up of catchy vocal samples, sparkling keys, and a head-nodding drum arrangement to finish the job.
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Factor Chandelier – “Crazy, Crazy”


Factor Chandelier‘s”Crazy, Crazy” is a part instrumental piece laced with voicebox vocals which adds a cinematic feel. From the somewhat engulfing and layered texture and soft drums, the track sure packs a punch.
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Little People – “Preemo”


Little People‘s “Preemo” is a solid tribute to the legendary producer/DJ of the same name. He makes use of Preemo-esque techniques from quick chops, repeated phrases, and that classic boom-bap drum arrangement. This is quite solid from start to finish.
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Chat One – “Gangster glory”

“Gangster glory” is the title track from Chat One‘s newest beat album and it’s a nice mellow cut ripe with lush guitar riffs, cinematic strings, and head-nodding grooves.



Billy Hammer – “dawn”

“dawn” is Billy Hammer‘s second song on his 52 songs in his 52-week journey, and it’s all about pure relaxation. He makes use of dreamy mandolin, lush keys over mellow drums, the producer crafts a relaxing jam we call can rock to.



Mad Candor – “Almond Blossoms”


Mad Candor closes out the list with “Almond Blossoms.” An upbeat bright jam ripe with uplifting horns, neck-snapping lively drums, and warm basslines to complete the job. “Almond Blossoms” is the first leak from Candor’s upcoming album Cloudy Days which is an instrumental hip hop album dedicated to his good friend John Sharp who took his own life 3 years ago.
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