It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Paklite x ultmt. – “Swells”

Straight out of Phoenix, AZ comes musician/producer Paklite x ultmt who laces us with this summer-inspired mellow jam titled “Swells.” The beat is a smooth blend of sublime solemn strings, ethereal synths, and soft drums
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Krizzy Jazz – “Delayed”

Krizzy Jazz returns to our list with his trusty dusty jazz-infused hip-hop. His new effort titled “Delayed” sounds like chilling near the pool on a cool afternoon while sipping a cold one. He uses soft drums, lush piano keys, and vibraphone-esque elements to get the job done.
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Anxious Mind – “Don’t Look Down”

UK producer Anxious Mind makes his way to our list with his sophomore release titled “Don’t Look Down.” He goes for a spacey, atmospheric vibe layered with laser zaps, alluring synths and grinding 808s to match
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toru – “Time’s Up”

toru comes through for this week’s list with the reflective “Time’s Up.” He blends lush organs and soft basslines against head-nodding drums and the result is a sobering and calming beat we can rock to.
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Remulak – “Summer Passed”

British producer Remulak makes his way on our list with his new release titled “Summer Passed.” A summer-inspired beat ripe with smooth strings, reflective textures, and soft drums.
. The track is taken from Remulak’s brand new album ‘Flourish’, which sees the artist explore new genres within the genres of hip hop, cinematic downtempo & ambient. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer




l’Outlander – “réverbères”

Producer l’Outlander thrills us with some soothing vibes on his new release titled “réverbères.” A nice blend of soft keys, lush guitar riffs over smooth grooves. This is the first track ever released from the producer.
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Tonga – “Return from Battle”

Tonga‘s “Return from Battle” is an epic sound journey inspired by the aftermath of a great space battle. He adds that the solemn atmospheric vibes are reminiscent of the pilots heading back home from a successful mission were flying back home without half their squadron, conflicted by the triumph of winning while at the same time suffering from losing some of their friends in battle.



Sleep Debt – “Nightlife”

“Nightlife” by Sleep Debt is a blend of reflective textures, ethereal synths, and sparse trap drums. The producer also adds into the mix some snippets from a documentary on sleeplessness.
This song is from a forthcoming EP inspired by states of sleep and sleeplessness. Sleep Debt is a solo project with interests in Dub, Hip/Hop, World Music, Jazz, and otherworldly music.



Mike Runyon & Sergio Grossi – “Dandelion Sway”

From the Blue Ridge mountains of NC comes the duo of Mike Runyon and Sergio Grossi who hit us with classic jazz infused vibe on “Dandelion Sway.” Rife with warm basslines, lush synths, and keys over soft drums, the duo delivers the excellent lo-fi jam that will keep heads nodding.
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Swagger Thief – “Virgil”

Swagger Thief ‘s gem of a beat entitled “Virgil” is very soothing and solemn. He makes use of mellow textures, reflective synths, and soft drums to drive home his point.
The beat is part of Aviary Night’s “Spring Nights” compilation release.
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Hanses – “アインザッツ”

Hanses drops a nice smooth blend of a beat titled “アインザッツ”
It’s very ethereal and soothing from start to finish.

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Dash Positive – “Coastal Rain”

Dash Positive never disappoints and on his new beat titled “Coastal Rain,” he soothes our minds with a heartwarming piano-driven beat that builds into lush grooves and nostalgic horns to complete the job.




SRCMTRL – “Quite Unknown”

SRCMTRL recently dropped a lo-fi jazz compilation and one of the focus cuts titled “Quite Unknown” was just too great to not be on the list. This tune blends smoky jazz vibes and hypnotizing drums in an effortless manner. It’s very calm and relaxing all the way.
“Quite Unknown” is taken from his instrumental project ‘La Vita è Bella‘ which is available now through all major DSPs via Crisis Center Collective here.



old Major – “HELLO!”

Minnesota based emerging producer old Major makes his debut on our list with “HELLO!.” The beat is quite experimental and starts off a bit sparse but builts into a bass/synth-heavy beat with some weird ominous sounds too. It’s quite interesting and different from most of the soul-inspired beats in this edition.




Fergstramental – “Alan’s Horns”

Fergstramental‘s “Alan’s Horns” is a warm, chilled beat that is rife with smooth textures, warm basslines and nostalgic horns to match. IT slowly builds up allowing the listener to really feel each instrument as the beat progresses.

Fergstramental is a beatmaker from Ormond Beach, FL focusing on crafting beats using samples primarily found on old vinyl records, occasionally adding in guitar and synth parts as well.
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