Multi-talented Zimbabwean artist Dimitri D. Kwenda is the creator of Dimitri & The Scarecrow, a musical concept that stems from the agricultural system of the country of Zimbabwe. The concept is used as a personification of the people in juxtaposition to governance. Infusing literary devices such as poetry, satire and humour, Dimitri addresses African matters from viewpoints ranging from an observer, victim, idealist, realist, critic and that of the privileged. His latest release In Hindsight (EP) is a 5 track body of work that dives into delicate issues such as personal and societal hang-ups from reflective and introspective perspectives.

The first track “Hindsight” featuring Hilton Kasemiire is an anthemic and triumphant track that looks at the negative effects of holding on to nostalgia or the past. The production is engulfing and has elements of reggae, hip-hop and a dash of soul with its rich guitar plucks, rousing drum grooves and prevalent bassline-driven bounce. Here, Dimitri delivers an impassioned performance ripe with refreshing candour and insightful lines like

Pillars of saltiness are birthed in passion

The killers of good things, ironic sweet magic

Thrillers are the billiards where balls will shatter

For tenderloin steak that’s seared in butter

The song is capped by a soul-stirring plea for us to move to the next chapter and let go of the past.  The next song “Agendas ” is a profound exploration of what it means to be a modern-day African with varying influences that may or may not taint his or her heritage. It also looks at how change in the global society has led to an increase in micro agendas amongst different groups within the modular black culture. From perceived fame, socioeconomic disparities and self-awareness, Dimitri hits audiences with thought-provoking lyrics such as  Any man gifted/Will tell you fame is overrated/An ironic vehicle/That’ll cargo your wealth/But the groupies will come/ Offer the box, a funeral nut”. On the production side, the moody and sombre vibe set the tone perfectly.


“Freedom Seekers” is a collaboration with Ruyonga and Blessed San) and sees the trio sharing their thoughts on growth, maturity and self-liberation from an internal perspective where self-improvement is the focus. The track is an uplifting anthem that aims to stir up our internal strength to seek true freedom from the unseen mental shackles that continue to hold us back as black people. Dimitri explores the various influences that shaped his world view and he takes into consideration how this may taint his core values but at the end of the day, he was able to find his path with thought lines like “Only thing that ever made sense/To Me was non-sensual/Get past the mental/ The real me pumps out of every ventricle“.


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The project wraps up with “Keeping On” and “Magitare” featuring Raven Duchess, two tracks that bring the project in full circle. The former is a rich piano-driven piece that dives into self-doubt and the concept of an artist not being recognized until probably after his/her demise. The latter has a surreal soul and retro aesthetic reminiscent of the 90s with its rich instrumentation made up of lush guitar plucks, basslines, sublime textures and a head-nodding groove. Dimitri sure knows his onions and proceeds with an unapologetic take on being true to oneself as opposed to trying to fit into an elitist narrative stemming from self-hate. Lines like

The stakes are high being Black

You can’t relax!

You’re in the eye of the scope

That’ll trigger a relapse

Provoke entire histories

Domestic kneads

Waxing the floor off the Whites

help summarize his sentiments and create a dialogue for listeners to chime in. The track is also bolstered by an impassioned chorus performed by Raven Duchess who sings in her native Swahili adding that authentic African voice that touches on self-validation in the face of not being accepted by the public.

Overall, In Hindsight (EP) is chock full of social-political messages anchored on introspective and reflective themes that listeners can tap into. It’s not an extremely scathing look but more of an observation which leaves us to fill in our blanks wherever that may come up.




In Hindsight (EP) is the follow-up to his previous release The Cleansing, which focused more on rejuvenating one’s passions after a loss due to personal and societal stress.


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