We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Astralien – “Seriphos”

Producer Astralien returns to our list with this off-kilter instrumental titled “Seriphos.” A dreamy and relaxing beat ripe with lush textures, silky guitars, and synths that engulf each other as the song progresses.

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Robbin Marx – “Trap Troll”

Producer Robbin Marx shares his latest release titled “Trap troll” and it sure has a nice punch. From te crispy trap drums, pulsating basslines, and somewhat ethereal textures. This is solid from start to finish.





 Birraña x Crossmoth – “Mirage”

Birraña is a medical doctor from Chile and he is a pretty good musician too. He makes his way to our site with his release titled “Mirage,” a mellow lo-fi jam ripe with lush guitars, soft rumbling drums, and a somber texture to match.

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seb says – “Labbia”

Berlin-based producer Seb Says makes an appearance on our site with a laidback piano drive beat titled “Labbia.”  The track has a soft drum beat with the producer crafting a smooth piano progression over it.

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Daida – “Alone”


Daida’s “Alone” is a reflective and soothing beat that sure caught our ears. From the sparse drum arrangement, dreamy synths, and nostalgic texture.
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02lean – “02 SOLITARY”


Emerging producer 02lean makes his first entry on our site with “02 SOLITARY” a dark somber beat ripe with cinematic textures, lush keys, and a pitched down scary vocal to match.



~ronzoni~ – “gotcha”


~ronzoni~ cranks up the bounce factor with his new release “gotcha.” A short but engaging beat that is ripe with summer vibes and a catchy melodic tone.
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Smith Beats – “Chocolate Milk”


Smith Beats shares some “Chocolate Milk” with us. The beat is a mellow guitar-driven track ripe with warm texture and a head-nodding groove to match. “Chocolate Milk” is taken from his new album Midnight Snack



XavierTheRapper – “Juice Wrld type beat Cobain”

Producer XavierTheRapper pays homage to Juice Wrld on his new release “Cobain” which makes use of a dreamy guitar riff and punchy drums.



Interrobang – “Roux”


Interrobang is a Neo-brass band based out of Austin, TX and Brooklyn, NY. Their latest release “Roux” is a laidback, smooth but lively piece that fuses elements of Cajun brass band music, neo-soul, and hip hop. It’s quite alluring and engaging from start to finish.

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X- “Field”


Baltimore, Maryland-based producer/recording artist X (Pronounced Ten.) makes his entry on our list with “Field”. the beat is a cinematic and somber beat ripe with driving synths, hard-hitting trap drums, and a dark bassline to match. His latest release, WINTER, features X as executive producer & member of Baltimore-based Hip-hop group Black Salem.



Dude – “Oh my!”


Emerging producer Dude makes his entry on our list with his new beat titled “Oh my!.” The track is a mid-tempo trap banger ripe with crisp drums, lush somber textures, and dreamy synths. It’s well crafted and bouncy too.


Shiv Darbar – “wish u well”


Emerging UK producer Shiv Darbar makes his entry on our list with “wish u well” a beat that is ripe with somber and alluring piano riffs, soft drums, and a moody texture.
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septemberwalk – “Memories”

Producer septemberwalk caught our ears with “Memories” a laidback horn driven beat. It’s ripe with warm basslines, jazzy keys, smooth guitars as well. A perfect cut to relax with and enjoy the cool breeze.


Ushuaia – “Merida”


Ushuaia is a London-based Argentine producer who caught our ears with his band of punchy jazz/lofi vibes. His new release “Merida” is a smooth and groovy piece ripe with lush guitar riffs, warm basslines, and alluring textures to match. His debut release is 11 Pembridge road, a collection of 5 instrumentals made up of jazz samples, tasty guitar licks, boom-bap drums, dusty brass, and a chill lo-fi vibe.
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mon.jarpenter – “To Tha Beat”


UK producer mon.jarpenter celebrates getting 1k followers on Soundcloud with this release titled “To Tha Beat.” A boomy retro-tinged beat that is ripe with boomy basslines and moody textures. He adds that it was originally made for the SkiBeatz Smack Pack 6 challenge.

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Uno Bueno – “Below”


Finnish producer Uno Bueno takes us into his lo-fi dimension on his new release “Below.” He makes use of dreamy textures, soft mellow tones, and drums to create a relaxing and nostalgic piece.
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Spoiled Suede – “Wheels Up”


Spoiled Suede closes up the list with this soulful beat titled “Wheels Up.” He chops up a smooth vocal sample and smooth vibes to create this reflective tune.
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