We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Socotra – “Brass Intersection”

UK Based Lo-Fi producer Socotra is not new to us and his new release  “Brass Intersection” is something we had to share. The jazz-infused mellow track is bolstered by warm chords, nostalgic horn arrangements and a soft head-nodding drum groove to complete the mission.


Sketa – “Nebula”


Italian producer Sketa hit us with this one titled “Nebula.” The beat has the usual hard-hitting trap drum groove and the textures are quite engaging. From the moody synths, cinematic arps and eerie vocal chops, he sure brings something different to the forefront.

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CaliCronk – “Kick Your Feet Up”


CaliCronk helps us get into the relaxed mode on his new release titled “Kick Your Feet Up.” The track is a laidback, jazz-infused lofi beat ripe with warm somber piano chords, soft horns, and mellow drum grooves to match.




Daida – “Comfy & Warm”


Daida‘s newest effort “Comfy & Warm” is a soothing and nostalgia-inducing piece ripe with soulful tones with soft drums. IT’s just as the title suggests and really puts the listeners deep into the zone. Perfect to study or take a bubble bath with in the background.

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Jomy – “Goals”


Jomy‘s new release “Goals” is a chilled, somber bat ripe with nostalgic textures, smooth horns, and soft drums to match. It’s taken from his album Captain.

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CamPackman – “WASH”


CamPackman caught our ears with his new release “WASH” which is really out of the box. The sound design, dark textures, and obscure elements included do make it really off-kilter.




Slo Five – “Footprints”


Slo Five cramps up the groove on his new release “Footprints” where he blends solid jazzy vibes with that feel-good boom-bap bounce. The track is quite layered from the sublime piano chords, ambient vocal samples, and somber strings to match.

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DaMarcus VanBuren – “Try”


DaMarcus VanBuren‘s “Try” is a lo fi track ripe with moody synths and textures layered over punchy and somewhat sparsely arranged drum grooves. It’s quite soothing and reflective to some degree.

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Cuth – “Shadow Gallery”


UK producer Cuth delivers that good old unfiltered lofi sound on his new release entitled “Shadow Gallery.” From the gritty somber keys, vinyl effects, punchy drums and solemn strings, he brings that nostalgic vibe to the forefront on this exceptional instrumental.

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Dirty J – “Red Light”


Dirty J switches the mood on the list with his eclectic 808 driven beat titled “Red Light.” He makes use of sparse and spaced-out arrangements for this one and the result is pretty engaging and unique.



Epifania – “Overcome”


“Overcome” is the newest effort from producer Epifania who has delivered some gems on our site before. The track is a blissful, soul-gripping piece ripe with ethereal and atmospheric textures over soft drum patterns.




S-MAN – “Semilla”


Japanese hip-hop producer S-MAN makes his debut on our list with his newest piece entitled “Semilla.” The track has a somber and reflective vibe and it’s pretty smooth as well.

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Soulstice – “Now I Know”




Soulstice helps close this week’s list with “Now I Know” a smooth boombap jam rip with 90s elements from dusty soulful textures and obscure sounds.

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