We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Sigh.fi – “Masquerade”

Sigh.fi delivers this cinematically beautiful piece titled “Masquerade” on our playlist. The track has a rich guitar riff, warm strings and moody synths with a subtle sound design that adds depth to the mix.


JayBee Vibes – “Italia Nascosta”.


Producer JayBee Vibes just released his new LP Classe Operaia (Moderna Sonorizzazioni N. 2) but at the same time, he shares the lead single “Italia Nascosta” which gives listeners the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The track makes use of a soothing and reflective soul sample with soft horns and pads underpinned by groovy but hushed drums.


Eastern Sage – “Yutori”.

The Eastern Sage delivers this brilliant enthralling track titled “Yutori” to our playlist. Ripe with Japanese strings, sublime pads and ethereal textures, the track is perfect to meditate to.



Pokesh – “Don’t Speak”.

Pokesh delivers his rendition of the classic tune “Don’t Speak”. He turns it into a smooth lofi-soul ensemble ripe with rich keys, lush guitar plucks and smooth grooves to complete the job.



Hoatsin – “Look Inside Yourself”.

Hoatsin helps us get introspective with his new release titled “Look Inside Yourself”. The sombre tune is a warm and reflective tune made up of sublime pads, hushed drums that come together like white on rice.



Yalisaxx x shorikbeats – “Apple Crisps”.

Saxophonist Yalisaxx and producer shorikbeats share their second collaborative single titled “Apple Crisps”. The mellow jazz-lofi track is ripe with smooth pads, soothing horn passes and hushed drum grooves to match.



Ogi feel the Beat – “Play Again”.


Ogi feel the Beat is at it again with “Play Again” which is taken from his debut EP at Chill Ride Records. The chill-hop beat is ripe with dreamy ethereal pads, vocal samples, downtempo drums and a jazz-infused horn arrangement to boot.



Lord Biff – “Tropical Bounce”

Austrian producer Lord Biff sure knows a thing or two about the “Tropical Bounce” and he brings it to the forefront. Over vocal chants, sublime melodic vocals and a smooth groove, he ushers in his own unique Tropical bounce.


Alita Limona – “Grandpa’s Old Leather Jacket”

Berlin-based painter, Lofi Hip Hop producer and singer Alita Limona caught our attention with her latest effort titled “Grandpa’s Old Leather Jacket”. The track has a dusty and grainy retro-fitted vibe and employs rich jazz elements with lofi aesthetics that work together like magic. The track is lifted from her new EP Grandpa’s Closet – a project that takes inspiration from the Jazz Age of the 1920s.


Arrogant Assassin – “Enter the Shima (Zone of Death)”


Eclectic and mysterious producer Arrogant Assassin takes a bold step into uncharted lands in “Enter the Shima (Zone of Death)“. The track is as dusty and lofi as they come and makes use of a classic soul sample that hip-hop lovers would recognize and he flips it into a scenic piece ripe with vocal samples from classic Japanese samurai flicks and rap vocals as well.



Slo Five x Frances The Mute – “Floating”

Slo Five and Frances The Mute team up for “Floating”, a chill-hop jazz piece that is made up of dreamy vibes. The piano arrangement is smooth, the horns are lush and alluring and the bass-driven boom-bap drums. The overall vibe is ethereal, nostalgic and gives listeners that floating feeling. “Floating” is the second single from Slo Five’s upcoming album Dreams n Stuff.



Tru Bennet – “drifting”



Producer Tru Bennet takes us on a “drifting” journey in his latest effort. The track is made up of cinematic and solemn violins, scenic textures and a warm alluring ambiance that oozes nostalgia.


Jye Dye – “Ideals”

Jye Dye‘s “Ideals” is a collaboration with Too Many Robs and it has a soft and soul-stirring vibe with its rich strings, warm pads and guitar riffs that add an emotional oomph to it.




gldnbeats. x Cauzy – “Oblivion”

Buenos Aires, Argentina-based guitarist/producer gldnbeats and  Cauzy team up for “Oblivion”, a mellow and ethereal piece that is made up of gull sounds, lush pads and airy guitar pluck with sparse drums to match.



cola valley – “the water carrier”

cola valley  makes his entry on our playlist as “the water carrier”, the track has a dreamy and atmospheric vibe that takes listeners into their comfort zone, away from the stress of the daily activities.




Zycix – “Riverside Reflections”.

Zycix brings some form of mental relief with his new release titled “Riverside Reflections”. As the title suggests, it oozes that feeling of sober reflection and taking time to dig deep into one’s mind while staring at the beautiful body of water which offers a calming effect.



NNIK x Mellofi – “the sky is the limit”


NNIK and Mellofi join forces for their latest collaboration titled “the sky is the limit”, a mellow lo-fi piece that is as solemn as a gloomy day.



tonburg – “Drift”

tonburg sets us on a soul-searching journey with his latest effort titled “Drift”. The track is perfect to meditate or sleep to. The production is pure bliss and the soft keys and bird sounds all come together with the solemn strings and soft drums.




Zycix – “Waves Of Serenity”

Zycix crafts what he calls “Waves Of Serenity” a soothing and relaxing piece made up of strings, airy textures and a rich guitar backdrop. Together the track offers a soulful relief with a touch of nostalgia.




bad at math. – “hope in the cold”

Asheville, North Carolina-based producer/instrumentalist bad at math. gives us some “hope in the cold”. The track is an uplifting and soul-stirring piece that brightens up the day in this gloomy weather. The guitar arrangement is outstanding and the complementary keys and soft basslines add that atmospheric and comforting feel to it.





Nuru MacNamara – “Fogo de Chão”

“Fogo de Chão” by Nuru MacNamara is a fun, jazz-infused track that oozes bright summer vibes. The guitar plucks are sublime and complement the warm pads perfectly.







Lopht – “Sonder”

Multi-instrumentalist/producer Lopht delivers this soothing piece “Sonder” to help close out this week’s playlist. The guitar-driven beat is riddled with soft and dreamy keys, warm pads and soft drums to boot.


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