Southern California-based singer/songwriter Ainjo has witnessed a shift in her life lately. From serving with the Navy for over a decade and juggling her music career with her health, the talented singer is now fully focused on my craft. Her latest single “Pity Party” details her present situation where she is leaving the force due to health issues and the emotional turmoil that comes with leaving something you have been accustomed to for years. The song reflects deeply on this change and her demons as she sings

Chaos is a hobby/Mama said she don’t wanna join my pity party/
I’m looking out for hope but my/
Thoughts are engineered to keep me safe in fear/
Uncertainty, insecurities/
Got a hold on me

She acknowledges the flaws, loss and intrusive thoughts that try to keep her in a box but she is hopeful and takes the next steps to overcome it all by following some words of advice from her mother. Truncate the pity party and move on.


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