We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Ogi feel the Beat – “Journey into Karma Fields”


Prolific Serbian producer Ogi feel the Beat shares his 12-minute long epic beat titled “Journey into Karma Fields.” The beat was made some years ago but as lost due to an unfortunate incident but he rediscovered it recently and decided to put it out for us to listen. The beat is divided into 4 different unique parts. From moody, cinematic textures to somber melodic strings and grooves, the producer sure delivers the goods.




NoGuru – “Thirsty.Thursday”


“Thirsty. Thursday” is a laidback beat sent in by producer NoGuru. He makes use of layered sounds, seamlessly blended over groovy drums. Well-crafted all the way.
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Charlie Myles – “you’re mine to care for {the time being}”


“you’re mine to care for {the time being}” is a somber reflective beat by Charlie Myles. The producer crafts a mix of lush guitar riffs, airy textures, and warm basslines and throws in an ethereal vocal sample to raise the emotional levels. It’s soothing and nostalgic as well.



DaMarcus VanBuren – “Vibe Check II”


Independent Producer/Beat-Maker DaMarcus VanBuren thrills with his new release titled “Vibe Check II.” An upbeat trap beat laced with lush synths and booming basslines
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Sur Jazz – “NoOneEverReallyDies”


Sur Jazz pays homage to Pharell’s group NERD on his new effort “NoOneEverReallyDies” a smooth and somewhat nostalgic beat ripe with somber textures, crispy drums, and an alluring sound design.
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The Oth3rs – “Terminal Sprints”

American production duo The Oth3rs share their new beat titled “Terminal Sprints” with ut. The duo goes for quite an experimental style here, from punchy drums, dark airy textures, and dynamic progressions. It’s hard to box this style and it gives a wide variety of energies as it moves along.
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Ice Cream Cult – “Wallflower”


Ice Cream Cult helps us to relax on “Wallflower” a smooth blend of hard-hitting drum breaks and lush nostalgic textures.
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LA Track Squad – “Sleepwalking”

LA Track Squad returns with some relaxing vibes on “Sleepwalking.” Lively instrumentation with nostalgic elements.
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Sharnjit – “charms”


Sharnjit is an emerging British producer who thrills us with some nice soothing vibes on his newest release titled “charms.” A nice fusion of lush guitar riffs, warm keys, and smooth drums for the ears.


pres.morris – “sundrops [rework]”

pres.morris comes through with some choppy vibes on “sundrops [rework]” that showcases his lo-fi sensibilities. From the smooth drums and somewhat off-kilter soul chops, he delivers something quite engaging and different.
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Matthew.Gear – “End One – Instrumental”

“End One – Instrumental” is a hard-hitting experimental beat by Australian producer Matthew.Gear that infuses dub, trap, and grime. It is quite cinematic and dark as well.
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Lovers Hifi – “Heygo”

German producer Lovers Hifi delivers this batch of dopeness on his new release titled “Heygo.” A lush guitar-driven jam that is relaxing and smooth all the way in.
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LeahJude – “My Ruinz”

LeahJude pours emotions on this heartfelt and soothing instrumental titled “My Ruinz.” The beat is ripe with smooth guitars, somber textures, and ethereal vocal-like synths. It is quite alluring and reflective too.

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Gordon – “focus”


“focus” is a laidback lofi soulful beat by producer Gordon who makes good use of smooth guitars, lush textures, and warm basslines.
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Dude – “Cream Soda”

Dude goes for a dark texture and hard-hitting trap drums on his new beat titled “Cream Soda.” The arrangement is quite sparse but the boomy 808s also hit the nerve and provide a counter resolution to the arrangement.



Lightfoot – “Limited Capacity”


Lightfoot‘s “Limited Capacity” is a chilled lofi/soul hip-hop track that is made up of lush keys, warm basslines, and textures that exude nostalgic energy. “Limited Capacity” is from his recently released alum, Camp 4, produced solely on teenage engineering’s handheld Pocket Operator 33 and processed on the original version of Roland’s SP-404 sampler.
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Ogi feel the Beat – “Chillhop Clocks”

Ogi feel the Beat serves us something from his past catalog in the form of this beat titled “Chillhop Clocks.” The track has a classic boom-bap bounce and the cinematic textures are quite engaging as well.




numbered_sounds – “PARABLE”


numbered_sounds returns to our list with this mellow lofi boom-bap piece titled “PARABLE.” From sparse drum breaks to sparkling piano chords and somber horns, the producer sure cranks up the goodness.
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Noa Erni x Miles Bonny – “Train Ride”

Berlin-based jazz and hip-hop producer Noa Erni teams up with New Jersey producer/trumpeter Miles Bonny on his sophomore release titled “Train Ride” taken from his album The Mental Traveller (dropping April 30th). The track is a smooth fusion of soul, jazz with hip-hop sensibilities. From the nostalgic horns, lush driving keys, and snapping drums, listeners are slowly engulfed by the radiance of the progression.



Stereo Fear – “Classixxx”

Stereo Fear delivers some good old feel-good vibes on his new release titled “Classixxx” The guitar-laden beat is ripe with lush textures and soft drums that blend into a captivating piece everyone can rock to.
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Lee Blackman – “Burg”

Lee Blackman closes out the list with the somber bat titled “Burg” It’s an engaging mix of sounds, soundbites from movies, and a dark scary texture laid over crunchy drums. “Burg” is the second track from her recently released beat tape titled Deviance.
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