We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Big O – “Dream Walkin'”

Big O opens up this week’s list with “Dream Walkin'”. The production is sublime and has a soothing dreamy aetshetic. from the lush sparse keys, wobbly textures, and warm bass lines, there is so much to dive into here.


Jonny Rythmns – “Ring Around Uranus”


Jonny Rythmns shares a trippy dance-infused track titled “Ring Around Uranus” on our playlist. It’s sparse and makes use of distorted synths and woozy basslines. It’s from his newest EP When I Dance You’ll Know It.




Groove. – “Coolin’ Out”


Groove. got something refreshing for us in the form of the single “Coolin’ Out”. The track is a laidback jazz hop beat ripe with mellow soulful horns, warm textures, and head-nodding drum grooves to boot. The track is released by ChillHopGuru Records.


la.Flash.makes.Beats – “PRICE IS RIGHT”


“PRICE IS RIGHT” is a dark and cinematic beat by la.Flash.makes.Beats , who brings a mix of sounds in a seamless manner. From the dusty textures, screwed vocals, and ethereal synths with punchy drums, he sure brings something different to the forefront.


Metic x Noe Mina – “Happy Valley”

Hong Kong producer Metic and Noe Mina team up for this bright and uplifting jam titled “Happy Valley”. With its infectious groove, warm textures, smooth guitar plucks and Noé Mina’s summery horns, listeners get a whiff of the warmest season of the year.


Brainiac [The Archive] – “I[Hate]_life_I’m:Tired”

Brainiac [The Archive] shares a new single “I[Hate]_life_I’m:Tired” from his upcoming album. As usual, the track has a dusty and choppy aesthetic with layered sounds and soft drum grooves to match.

FLOCKS – “find, fix, finish” (feat. Ben Sloan & Brianna Kelly)


Jazz trained Cincinnati/Chicago-based three-piece, FLOCKS share their latest release titled “find, fix, finish”. A mellow piano-driven instrumental that moves slowly as the keys lead into different textures from somber to nostalgic.


MicroCosmicOrbit – “~Thee Unseen 70 bpm F minor ~”


MicroCosmicOrbit‘s newest release this week is an ominous piece made up of haunting and moody textures layered over thumping boom bap drums. It is quite cinematic and gives off a vibe from a scene in a scary movie.


Billy Hammer – “fire”

Billy Hammer is embarking on releasing a lofi/folktronica EP, MOTHER, and in the interim shares “fire” which serves as the 2nd single. The track is a mellow and groovy tune made up of soft acoustic guitar riffs, warm violin strings, and soft drums to match.


Alexander IV x Feiertag – “Don’t Walk Away”


Established Dutch producer Joris Feiertag aka Alexander IV delivers this splendid tune titled “Don’t Walk Away” on our playlist. The track blends parts of soul, r&b with hip-hop aesthetics. The horns are anthemic, the textures are soulful and the use of layered vocal samples also adds a bit of dreamy ethereal element to the track.

CaliCronk – “I’ll Be Waiting”

CaliCronk closes out the list with “I’ll Be Waiting”, a mellow lofi track made up of crisp guitar riffs, lush textures, and a plethora of sounds from nature.

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