We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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kainbeats – “She Loved to Watch the Rain”

kainbeats makes his first appearance on our list with “She Loved to Watch the Rain”, a chilled solemn tune that is ripe with bright and airy textures and soft percussions. The track is quite dynamic and slowly ebb and flows with the piano progression and rich sound design.



Astronomers of the Strange – “Egos Away”

Astronomers of the Strange thrill us once again with something new from their stash titled “Egos Away”, the record has a fun/pop vibe with cinematic lofi aesthetics. It’s really refreshing and heartwarming all the way in.



Blocktane – “imnotreadyforlove”

Producers Blocktane and Roadetrix share their new effort titled “imnotreadyforlove” with us. The soulful and mellow record is ripe with retrospective elements that will hit the soul. The dreamy textures, soft tones and smooth drum grooves seamlessly blend with each other.


Jersy K – “Lost City”

South African producer Jersy K leads us into the “Lost City”. His production style is a blend of chillhop/lofi with a hint of soul. The sparse drum grooves, warm textures and pads and mellow bass riffs really work well.

Nick Wolf x Vannorte – “Loose Leaf”

Producers Nick Wolf and Vannorte team up for this single titled “Loose Leaf”, a chilled but punchy tune that is part reflective and part nostalgic. The guitar phrases are soothing and the sublime atmospheric textures seamlessly blend together.


Zank – “Handful of Dirt”

Zank‘s “Handful of Dirt” is a solemn and brooding tune that hits the soul with its melancholic riffs and warm pads that are underpinned by soft drum grooves.


Study Buddy – “Promenade”

Study Buddy lives up to his moniker as he drops “Promenade” on our list. The acoustic guitar-laden tune blends with lush electric guitar riffs and an overall summer texture that will keep listeners locked in


RVSTVR – “light of a passing comet”

RVSTVR converts the “light of a passing comet” into audio form and the results is this soothing piece. The laidback textures, airy riffs and dreamy pads all add up to a soul-gripping piece that lingers on even after you stopped listening.


Mark Ski – “Wind Up”

Veteran producer Mark Ski pops up on our playlist with a solid flip of another JB classic. The song in question “Wind Up” is made up of punchy drum breaks, cinematic synths and a recognizable sax on the hook taken from the Godfather of Soul.
This track is taken from his previous Bandcamp exclusive ‘James (Voumes I-IV)‘ series of classic funk samples from James Brown himself.

amlo – “lost in a haze”

amlo got us “lost in a haze” with this downtempo jam. The producer goes for a simple and sparse approach, the instruments are well-layered and don’t clash as it slowly progresses.

Flapjaques x lone.time – “i can only dream”

America and Turkey collide as producers Flapjaques and lone.time delivers “I can only dream” to us. The track exudes soothing and calm vibes with its lush synths, soft mellow tones and chilled pads.

CDB – “Lotus”

CDB delivers this gem of a track “Lotus” on our list. The production style is sparse, airy and somewhat melancholic. The keys do stand out and his use of nature in the sound design is awesome as well.

SPUDB – “Escape”

Greek producer SPUDB‘s newest effort “Escape” sure allows us to flee from the craziness of the world. The ethereal tune is as blissful as the summer skies and is a perfect track to relax to.

Mr. Käfer – “From Above”

German producer Mr. Käfer caught our ears “From Above”. This new joint is bouncy, calm and nostalgic all at once. The lead guitars play the center role while the sublime synths and warm textures add a solid finishing touch to it all.

Igor Utzig x Collectively Alone – “Eros”

Brazilian producer Igor Utzig and Collectively Alone team up for “Eros”, a relaxing and chilled tune comprised of airy guitar riffs and solemn pads layered over soft percussions.

Clifford x Anton x dennisivnvc – “Bonsai”

“Bonsai” by Clifford, Anton and dennisivnvc bridge the gap between jazz/neo soul and lofi. The layered elements that range from pulsating bass lines, soft guitar plucks, nostalgic flutes and a head-nodding groove to match work like a charm.

Frxnco – “Ego”

Frxnco‘s “Ego” is much needed as it brings a unique calmness to the playlist. The guitar licks are soft and soothing and the sparsely arranged keys add a soulful touch to it.

ponders – “hopeful”

ponders latest release “hopeful” help uplift our souls. The relaxing tune made up of lush piano riffs, mellow solemn pads and soft drums sure hit the soul and deliver the goods.


Ether On Waves – “Save The Date”

Ether On Waves helps wrap up the list with his uplifting record titled “Save The Date”. The guitar-driven summer jam is a blissful piece that is as bright as the summer rays and also gives a hint of nostalgia. It is lifted from his new album Dopamine Rush.

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