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Jonny Rythmns – “Just Your Local Weatherman”

Emerging producer Jonny Rythmns gives us something different in his new release “Just Your Local Weatherman.” The track has a steady and pulsating bass synth, sparse stabs and soft drums.


RevBeats999 – “I remember”

Spanish producer RevBeats999 makes his entry on our list with this mellow piano-laden beat titled “I remember.” It’s quite moody and has a solemn aesthetic as well.


Pluto Madre – “Purple #01”

Pluto Madre drops “Purple #01” a punchy lofi infused track that is both solemn and nostalgic. The textures are layered, ethereal, and somewhat atmospheric as well.


Wiz Key – “Big Sur”


German producer Wiz Key cranks up the emotional punch with  “Big Sur,” a mellow and reflective tune made up of somber textures, low tones, airy vocal chops, and sparse drum grooves.


lorenzo – “Release”

UK producer lorenzo goes for a cinematic soundscape with his new aptly titled single “Release.” The beat has punchy drums, layered ominous sounds, and ethereal textures to boot. It sure is perfect for an opening sequence for a film.


Thore Yaw – “Mojo Verde”

“Mojo Verde” is a chilled lofi instrumental from Cyprus-based producer Thore Yaw which is inspired by his visit to Mexico last year. The track has a somber guitar riff, soothing bassline, and an overall nostalgic vibe.



Blondci – “Hifi”

Blondci caught us with this hard-hitting cut titled  “Hifi.” A smooth fusion of crunchy boom-bap-drums, pulsating basslines, and soulful vocal chops



NICKELMAN – “Mundo Novo”

Japanese producer NICKELMAN (Yuki Kitano) thrills us with his new effort “Mundo Novo.” The track is a mellow beat filled with chopped vocals, slick guitar riffs, and punchy drums. Nickelman is set to release his newest self-produced album, titled BeatsGrocery, on June 24th, 2022, via URBNET.



toast.hawaii – “golden.era.moodboard”


toast.hawaii‘s “golden.era.moodboard” takes us back to the 90s with its thick boom-bap drums laced with jazzy vibes. From the dreamy stabs, guitar riffs, and angelic horns, the producer taps into the power of nostalgia on this tune.


gLife Beats – “Horns For Days”

gLife Beats raises the ante with the aptly titled single “Horns For Days.” The beat is ripe with horns, of course, lush synths, and drums to match.



Milli Beat$ – “LHL REMIX”

Milli Beat$ drops “LHL REMIX” which blends sparse punchy drum patterns with bright synths, orchestral stabs and mellow basslines.

Shane Houghtaling – “arcus cloud”


Shane Houghtaling drops “arcus cloud” a mellow lofi tune ripe with sparse drum grooves, sublime tones, and more.


kBeats – “Kyoto”


“Kyoto” is a solemn soundscape by UK producer kBeats. Inspired by the land of the rising sun, he makes use of Japanese wind instruments to make this chilled, ethereal beat that is great for relaxing or background music to study to.


NZ6 – “Pulpie”


German producer NZ6 brings a chilled instrumental to the list in the form of this release titled “Pulpie” A mellow texture peppered by vintage synth, arps and pulsating basslines to boot.


NEIL JAM3S – “Bit Siren”


NEIL JAM3S delivers some lofi goodness in his new release “Bit Siren” which makes use of layered sounds, effects, and sound designs. The dreamy elements do shine through and the transitions are seamless as well.


Padre Tóxico – “Summer Delight”


Padre Tóxico‘s “Summer Delight” is a mellow dreamy beat with lush textures, and soft drums that give off a psychedelic feeling. Just as the title suggests, it’s meant to draw listeners into a place where they are relaxed and calm.


Topnachbeats – “Never (Astral22 Remix)”


Topnachbeats’s “Never (Astral22 Remix)” is a dynamic and nostalgia-inducing instrumental. Made up of layered and lush sounds from crisp guitar plucks, dreamy keys, and soft drums to boot.


Sleepy Ghost – “Just be cool”


Producer Sleepy Ghost ramps up the energy levels with this new release titled “Just be cool.” It’s ripe with punchy drum breaks, cinematic textures and a wide array of sound design techniques that are dynamic, engaging, and stylish.


Soulful Playground – “What About Jenny”


Soulful Playground‘s “What About Jenny” is a solemn beat that is made up of moody basslines, and low tones with a rumbling drum break to boot. The track makes use of an old vocal clip that talks about a girl who does almost anything to fit in, to be seen, and to become part of the group. This is the lead single from Soulful Playground, the production alias of veteran Hip-Hop music producer Chris vermillion.


Sincere Leone – “Never Ending Story”


“Never Ending Story” by Sincere Leone is a bright and hopeful beat ripe with lush and dreamy xylophone type plucks over soft drum grooves. It’s well crafted and smooth.


shrimpnose x Arbour – “Vanish”


Eclectic producer Shrimpnose teams up with Arbour for this superb lofi gem titled”Vanish.” From the moody solemn textures, ethereal sound design, and punchy drum grooves, the duo delivers something nostalgic and reflective.

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