We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Quartz Beatz – “Moonlight”

Quartz Beatz opens up the list with “Moonlight”. a mellow chillhop jam ripe with lush guitar plucks, soothing textures, and well-crafted drums to match.

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Vicstradamus – “Rise”

Vicstradamus’s “Rise” is a cinematic and experimental beat with dark ominous textures and moody strings. The drums are punchy as well and quite dynamic as ever.

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Coujo – “s.hoes”

Coujo flips a classic midwest track for his new instrumental titled “s.hoes.” He makes use of a pitched down vocal sample, bass-heavy textures, and an undeniable drum groove to complete the job.



J(X) x Trade Voorhees – “Epitaph”

“Epitaph” is the lead single from the 1-year anniversary project from J(X) and Trade Voorhees. The track is a dark and ominous beat ripe with somber notes, suspenseful strings, and punchy drums.

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Hailey Simone – “Yeah”

Hailey Simone teams up with producer Phil N. DeBlank for the off-kilter and ominous track titled “Yeah.” The track is dark and moody with its layered and somewhat cinematic soundscape.



SMOKIN’ the JAZZ – “Peace to the HIP-HOP crowd”




Japanese hiphop collective SMOKIN’ the JAZZ  pay homage to the culture in their instrumental “Peace to the HIP-HOP crowd.” The track is a marriage of styles from jazz, soul and hip-hop, seamlessly blended together. The record sure hits the mark from start to finish.


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PHAT FLAVOUR CREW – “You’ve Got The Flava”

PHAT FLAVOUR CREW takes us back to the 80s with “You’ve Got The Flava.” From the bouncy drums, funky synths, and retro scratches. It’s quite nostalgic and memorable as well.

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Stobbsyy – “EZ Bro | Drake / November 18th type beat”



Stobbsyy shares his new release “EZ Bro | Drake / November 18th type beat” which has a moody and solemn vibe.





Slo Five – “Crackles & Vibes”

Slo Five makes his entry with “Crackles & Vibes” a smooth soul-jazz track ripe with layered musical elements from lush chords, reflective horns, strings, and sublime textures.

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Kuo – “Gulyabani”

Kuo taps into the essence of Halloween with his new release “Gulyabani.” A dark moody beat that sounds likes a scene from a retro horror flick

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Slo Five – “Slo Lane Traffic”

German producer Slo Five‘s “Slo Lane Traffic” is a chilled, jazz hip-hop piece that is vibrant and quite eclectic. From the pulsating basslines, lush chords, and horns.

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Al Quetz – “Oda”

Al Quetz aka Quetzal delivers his new release “Oda” on our list and it’s a magnificent beat riddled with stumbling piano chords, slick horns, and lush guitar riffs that blends Cuban music with jazz and hip-hop.

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desci x jawima – “spectra”

Desci and Sweden-based producer jawima release their lead single “spectra.” The track is a soothing piano-driven beat ripe with lush nostalgic strings, soft drums, and warm basslines to match. The lead single from Desci’s debut EP, spectra

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SoundBlocks – “Places For People”

SoundBlocks shares new single “Places For People” from his latest EP. The track is quite layered and makes use of sublime piano chords, lush strings, and silk horns with airy vocal sample chops.

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Jussin – “Love Eternal”

Frederick, Maryland-based producer Jussin makes his entry on our list this week with his song “Love Eternal.” A soothing summery beat is ripe with lush chords, ethereal textures, and a soft groove to complete the job.

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Niko Lafleur – “Zonin”

“Zonin” is a mid-tempo jazz-infused track from producer Niko Lafleur. The track has a chilled and moody feel with its ominous textures peppered by slick horns and boom-bap drum patterns to match. “‘Zonin’ ” is taken from Niko Lafleur’s forthcoming album ‘Floating in Infinity’.”

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Surf Blue – “Lost Again”

UK producer Surf Blue brings some chill-lofi vibes in his new release titled “Lost Again.” The track is sublime and has a summer vibe with its lush soundscapes, warm chords, and soft grooves.

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PHAT FLAVOUR CREW – “Feel That Groove”

We got something from the UK production crew PHAT FLAVOUR CREW with their new effort titled “Feel That Groove.” A mellow funky new jack swing infused track ripe with lush Moog chords, warm basslines, and a melodic chorus to complete the job.

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doctorghost – “Full Moon”

Emerging producer doctorghost caught our attention with his musical release titled “Full Moon.” The piano-driven track is as cinematic as they come and is built on somber chords, dark moody textures with dynamic drum grooves that ebb and flow as the track progresses.

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Daytrip – “Daybreak”

Daytrip delivers “Daybreak” a mid-tempo dance/funk-infused track that has a nostalgic vibe as well. The production is warm, layered, and alluring as well.

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kBeats x Jon wilson x Lifted lofi records – “Orbiting”

“Orbiting” by kBeats and Jon Wilson under the aegis of Lifted lofi records is a lofi/jazz piece. The laidback beat is built on smooth chords, heavenly horns, and soft drum grooves to match.



Stevenia – “bibi”

Stevenia caught our ears with his stylish production style on his new release titled “bibi.” It has a mix of lofi/soul with experimental elements to match.

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Vicstradamus – “Return”

Vicstradamus helps wrap up this week’s list with the ominous vibes on his song “Return.” It is quite eclectic and makes use of 4 to the floor drums and moody textures to match.
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