We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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pantology – “Familiar”.

Hardworking instrumentalist Pantology kicks off with “Familiar” which serves as his latest effort. The piano-led beat is a fusion of live instrumentation with funky synths and downtempo grooves that all fit into each other like hand in glove.


intomuffins – “elevate”.

intomuffins‘ “elevate” is a bright and soulful piece made up of rich guitar riffs, soul-gripping chords and smooth grooves underpinned by airy horns and flutes and sublime pads which help seal the deal.


Igor Utzig x Collectively Alone – “Açaí”

Igor Utzig and Collectively Alone and Lofi Brasil are the ones who gift us with this brilliant effort titled “Açaí”. The production has a sombre and moody feel with its solemn chord progressions and also the dusty flutes and retro-tinged textures all add that extra flavor to it.


lukayo – “Sundae”.

lukayo whips up some ice-cold “Sundae” for our playlist. The aptly titled track is perfect for the summer with its sombre piano arrangement and soothing pads.

J Fletch x Late Night Tones – “Exquisite”


J Fletch and Late Night Tones bring us something “Exquisite” in their new release. This has a sunny afternoon vibe with its bright guitar plucks, lush pads and mellow grooves.


Widen Island – “old records”

Widen Island returns to the crates with “old records” which he pulls off nicely. The dusty and analog aesthetic mixed with jazzy elements gives listeners a retro and nostalgic vibe that is hard to deny.


PandaBjørn – “Still Dreaming”

PandaBjørn thrills us with this brief but stunning instrumental titled “Still Dreaming”. Just under the 2-minute mark, the producer creates a sublime and soul-gripping piece that digs deep into our emotions and offers us relief in its short run.


Mr. Donsai – “Peaceful night”

Mr. Donsai appears again on our list with “Peaceful night”, a solemn and melancholic piece made up of mellow piano progressions, soft tones and moody textures to boot.


oxinym – “Coffee”

oxinym pours out freshly brewed “Coffee” in the form of his new release. The jazz infused track is as lofi as they get and the use of stop-tape effects and analog elements sure gives it a distinct feel.


Lo.P – “FOMO”

Lo.P raises the energy on the playlist with “FOMO”, a chilled summer-tinged track that helps brighten our earbuds. The keys are light and the vibrant grooves all work together in harmony.


Secret Spot – “Staring Off Into The Distance”.

“Staring Off Into The Distance” is a peaceful and relaxing beat from Australian producer Secret Spot. The extensive use of slow chord progression and sparse arrangements sure make it suspenseful and enticing as it slowly pulls you in.


Neele Harder – “Quiet Days”

German producer/instrumentalist Neele Harder shows us how “Quiet Days” can be appealing. The production here is layered, relaxed and dynamic. The guitar plucks are soulful and rich while the solemn pads and strings all play off each other perfectly.


Blue Sirens – “Coffeezilla”

Blue Sirens tingles our senses with “Coffeezilla”. The aptly titled track is soothing with its lush keys, dreamy pads and bird chirp sounds which all make for an uplifting listening session.


vhskid. – “Feels Like Sundays”

“Feels Like Sundays” by hardworking producer vhskid is exactly what it is. The record is sombre and reflective all at once. The mellow keys, slow progression and use of ethereal synths and vocal samples all come together like white on rice.


jakohitsdifferent – “Take Your Time”.

jakohitsdifferent‘s new effort “Take Your Time” sure hits differently as the mellow keys and drums come into play. The use of sublime sound design and warm basslines with low Rhodes really raise the ante and the end result is a soul-gripping piece that everyone can relax to.


Bobo Dos Blotos – “Vibey”

“Vibey” from Bobo Dos Blotos is the final track we got on this week’s playlist and it’s the perfect closer. Over some soothing textures, moody pads and crunchy drum breaks, the producer crafts a sublime and somewhat reflective piece that we all can rock with.

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