Rapper-Producer-Duo Mile & Flip team up with Fashawn for a dreamy summer jam titled “Somebody Else”. Bolstered by the smooth soulful backdrop, Mile runs through a myriad of things bothering him from being unnoticed to being stuck in a rut while Fashawn joins the fray with an introspective verse that explores his own flaws and self-doubt. Overall, the track shows listeners how emcees can show their vulnerable side without losing integrity and the candid lyrics do add a lot of flavors to the mix.

The visual directed by filmmaker Clemens Niel has a mix of surreal effects and a lot of performance shots as well. From dilating toy cars to real ones, Mile gets lost in his own daydreaming experience to a fish replacing Fashawnbecause he couldn’t appear in the video. The result is an engaging set of visuals that truly tap into the theme of the song.

Flip is a veteran among Austria’s producers who are appreciated by boom-bap purists as well as street rap fans, has been in the business since the 1990s, and still participates in the Austrian rap crew TEXTA.

Rapper Mile has recently been in the spotlight with his indie band project SHARKTANK.

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