Pardon our absence as we had to take time off to sort out other pressing issues but without wasting time let’s dive into our top 5 submissions for the first half of August.

If you like what you hear, do make sure to let the acts know and share their music as much as you can.


Edison Av x Sik Sense  – In The Weeds

In The Weeds is an introspective journey into the human condition. Traversing the intricate web of struggles with escapism, addiction and self-control. Talking words at you is Virginias own Edison Av who brings other-worldy, addiction fuelled downward spiral life straight to the table commanding the mic with sharp word play over the jazzy workings of UK beat maker Sik Sense‘s signature style of dusty ass boom bap. The combination enables a rugged insight to an open, honest account of self destruction and all that lies within.

Even the best of us end up in the weeds sometimes. Its what you do to get your self out that matters.

ProGMusic – Timeless.

The 17-year-old rapper from the Cleveland/Akron Area of Ohio brings a new level of consciousness to his debut mix tape: Timeless. Through self-production and proper instrumental selection he was able to narrate a tale of society, growing up, and the issues he faces today.


Yesh – Vinylism EP

Producer/Engineer Yesh  hailing from beautiful Southern California drops this incredible beat tape he calls “Vinylism“. Implementing the techniques from the 90’s and a MPC 2500 straight from the Golden Age of Hip Hop, he now plans to spread his music across the globe.


The Lique – I AM

The Lique’s “I AM” single aims to uplift the soul and invigorate the spirits with the upbeat Jazz influenced brand of hip-hop.

Rocco Spry : Raise My Voice

Rocco Spry, 19-year-old rapper, singer, instrumentalist and producer from Hamburg, Germany, has stepped into the arena with the release of his new video “Raise My Voice”. Everything you will be hearing is written, composed, performed and produced by Rocco Spry, everything you will be seeing is the result of the collaboration between Rocco Spry and his accomplice Lukas Wengorz. With “Raise My Voice”, Rocco Spry introduces himself as an artist driven by his unconditional passion and love for music and his anger towards the fucked up conditions in modern-day societies. An unconventional and sick track you should have a look at.



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