Las Vegas, NV-based Jazz/hip-hop collective The Lique caught our ears with the heartfelt and reflective single titled “Not Myself.” The single is as reflective and introspective as they come. It’s ripe with sublime textures, soulful chords, and a mid-tempo drum groove that pairs perfectly with lead vocalist Rasar who shares his inner struggles with us. From isolation, self-doubt, and frustration, he runs through a gamut of emotions during his travails and his eventual show of strength to overcome it all.


“Not Myself” is taken from the group’s upcoming album, Imposter Syndrome, which was written and recorded in our homes, in the midst of the pandemic.

Tragically, on September 28th, after completing his work on the project, Rasar took his own life. The surviving members of The Lique have taken it upon themselves to finish and release these songs and give all of the proceeds from sales and streaming to his family. His 70-year old mother’s voice can be heard in the opening moments of this song, speaking directly to him. This gives new, tragic context to a song that a year ago felt aspirational. Today, it feels more like a cautionary tale.

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