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Blasko – Fade(nd) (ft. Jordan Dennis)

Blasko teams up with Jordan Dennis on the lo-fi tinged single titled “Face(nd)”. Over a mellow, surreal backdrop, the vocalist delivers an emotional tinged performance that dwells on love and the nitty-gritty that surrounds it.

The single is off his latest project titled “In love Part 1”



One Fifty Vibes – Nothing & Everything.

Berlin based hip-hop duo One Fifty Vibes come through with a mellow, sombre track titled “Nothing & Everything”. The laid-back vibe aims to combine the very recognizable LoFi sound optic in todays Hip-Hop scene with conscious lyricism and a high production value. The lyrics are pretty introspective and heartwarming as well.




Rude Nala – AnyTime.


Budding rapper Rude Nala delivers a bright trap influenced record titled “AnyTime” where she showcases her pop-influenced style and fiery demeanour. Fresh off her mixtape release “Luminary Hustle,” Nala recently blessed the stage in her hometown, opening on separate occasions for Bhad Bhabie, Denzel Curry and Princess Nokia. 





Jaryd Blake – Change


Paterson, New JerseyHip-Hop artist Jaryd  Blake brings some “change” on his new song. Over a laid-back, soulful backdrop he goes into an introspective mode with his insightful lyrics and emotion-drenched vocal performance.


Artists that inspire him most are Common, Marvin Sapp, Lauryn Hill, Kem and Jay-Z. Jaryd has recently released a single “Change” and has a project called “Thirsty This is Air” coming out this year.






Cantrell – Keep Yappin.


“Keep Yappin” is the first single off “Stardust 2 Angels” an upcoming debut EP from Cantrell. Over a bright bouncy backdrop, Cantrell is all about staying focused on his goals and master a fine line between humility and arrogance.

“Keep Yappin” is the first single off of the project and is an energetic introduction to Cantrell as he raps about his come up: “I’ve been right, I’ve been wrong, count my blessings, count my falls. Add em up, add em up; nothing’s perfect after all.” The visuals find Cantrell manoeuvring around his hometown as he schemes to pull off a heist in an effort to retrieve the ‘blueprint’ to his career.

Get it on Sounndcloud HERE

Stardust 2 Angels – Out 08.24.18 – Pre Order Link here



JorGMuziK – Give It To Me.

JorGMuzik delivers some sultry RnB vibes on his latest single titled ‘Give It To Me”. The song is the perfect blend of smooth rhymes over a nostalgic 1990’s ‘feel good’ beat, produced by Dizzy Beats. The hook features Sha Baby which gives the track an instant soulful mellow vibe.

 The video, filmed in the iconic Hialeah Executive Motel, has JorGMuziK spitting game to his lady friend, played by Instagram model @honduranshawty, who keeps him in the friend zone even though he’s “trying to score deep up in the end zone”.






The Blancos & Joyner Lucas – “We’re Tired”.

Buzzing Brooklyn/South Florida duo THE BLANCOS drop their new single “We’re Tired” [feat. Joyner Lucas]. The anthemic song is a poignant outlook on the state of the world today. The track also features  Joyner Lucas who provides an insightful verse that hits the mark.

About the track, The Blancos said: ‘We’re Tired’ is a song that spotlights how unjust our world is. It’s about a world where, somehow, it also feels like the people have no power to fix it. It’s like living in a nightmare. Those thoughts and feelings are part truth and part illusion. Either way, so many are worn down and feeling hopeless. We’re trying to speak to that inner, subconscious voice that’s fighting to get out and say we’re tired of it all!”





Serious Klein – Should’ve Known

Germany-based, Ghanian rapper releases “Should’ve Known”, the fourth offering from his upcoming debut album. The track has a more summery bounce vibe and showcases the rapper’s gripping flows and vivid lyrics.

I had this idea of making a song called “Should’ve Known”. I always work like that, I chose titles before I actually make a song, so I was walking around for weeks with that title in my mind. We needed a song that summarizes the whole storyline of the tape. I was in the process of creating the album and I felt like it was that particular song that was missing.




Kayo Genesis – Distance.


Kayo Genesis seeks some much-needed space on his new song/video titled “Distance”. “Distance” comes just in time for summer’s peak season, also known as a breakup season, and narrates the need for space in a relationship. A jack of all trades, Kayo Genesis once again self-directed the uniquely creative visuals for the track (produced by Tairiq and Garfield).

Kayo is gearing up to drop a new EP which is expected to be released in the second half of 2018.

Stream on ALL Platforms HERE



Avantdale Bowling Club – Years Gone By

Rapper Tom Scott is back with a new album project Avantdale Bowling Club. The album is a jazz/Hip Hop fusion record, featuring some of the best musicians across Jazz & popular music currently active in New Zealand. (TEEKS, Ladi6, Mara TK, Jonathan Crayford, Esther Stephens, Julien Dyne, & many more!)

The new single “Years Gone By” is a blend of improvisational live instrumentation and poignant lyrics

Some words from Tom on the new album ~
This record is about…growing up. I think. It’s about dealing with your own stuff for once. Accepting responsibility, maybe. It’s a self-help book addressed to myself. And just like every other piece of art ever made in the history of the hominid, I was going through some shit when I was making it. I’d just left home and everyone I knew, looking to chase a dream. It was an awkward phase, like stage two puberty. I was learning how to be grown. Humility had my pride in a headlock. I was the old man at the art exhibition, the young boy at the art gallery. Everyone was in a K-hole, I was at K-Mart.”


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