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Lu’ginnae – “Bad Bitch Switch”

Singer/songwriter Lu’ginnae shares her 3rd single “Bad Bitch Switch” which displays her unique style. Over a laidback, guitar-laden groove, she delivers a sultry and alluring performance while basking in the aura of self-love. She implores her fellow women to never hesitate to celebrate themselves.
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ShawnAnthony x ValereTheySay x Elijah Mora x Oluwa (Producer) – “Jabs”


“Jabs” is a collaboration between ShawnAnthony, ValereTheySay, Elijah Mora, and producer Oluwa. Over a somber piano-laden backdrop, the artists share their experiences on love and relationships.
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Lord Willin x Redd Rebel -“Get The Hook” feat Lord Gremithy


Lord Willin & Redd Rebel share their second single/video “Get The Hook.” The video is shot at Legendary Boxing (Providence, RI) and features a cameo from 17-time Golden Glove champion Jarrod Tillinghast. The hard-hitting track is pure lyrical mayhem from all parties who deliver the goods over Boston area Beatmaker Amen‘s (of Hellzwind) guitar-driven backdrop. Joining them is New England Hip Hop veteran Lord Gremithy (of Dirty Durdie)

“Get The Hook” is taken from the duo’s “Breakin Bread” LP and you can pre-order here .


Grace May – “Runnin'”


Canadian singer/songwriter Grace May‘s new release “Runnin'” caught our ears with its sublime vibes and heartfelt and evocative lyrics. Over a moody and somber backdrop, she delivers a passionate performance ripe with vulnerability and engulfing emotions. The song is co-written with Grace Mann and Franklin Rankin, also known as the band: Big Stuff.
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False Profit – “Foreign Policy” (Produced by Tone Jonez)


False Profit‘s “Foreign Policy” is a thought-provoking track that dwells into the dynamics of global policies, war, and the innocent lives that get caught in between. Backed by a soulful and melancholic backdrop, he delivers a laidback but impassioned performance ripe with evocative lyrics.
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Mezmah – “Smoke + Mirrors”


Emerging UK rapper Mezmah dive into the delicate topic of domestic violence on his new single “Smoke + Mirrors.” Backed by a somber moody backdrop, he takes the listeners down memory lane as he reflects on several situations he experienced as a kid.
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JoeyBags – “Second Wind”


Emerging emcee JoeyBags dives deep into the insecurities that come with being in a healthy relationship on his new song titled “Second Wind.” The track is bolstered by a smooth soulful bouncy backdrop and JoeyBags’s impassioned flow and insightful lyrics. It’s heartfelt and fun-filled as well.
“Second Wind” is taken from his new EP
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JorGMuziK – “M.I.M.I. (Mama I Made It)”


Emerging emcee JorGMuziK gives us a glimpse into his life on his new single “M.I.M.I. (Mama I Made It).” A laidback but reflective track that sees him pay tribute to his mother who helped raised him despite all the odds and hardship she faced when she moved to America. He brings an impassioned demeanor on the track and details his growth and accomplishments with all respect to his mum.
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Ill Knob – ” Slept On”


Ill Knob shares the video for his previously released single ” Slept On.” The video is crips and showcases Ill Knob’s performance style
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Gracie Convert – “Something Special”


UK singer/songwriter Gracie Convert gifts the list with “Something Special.” A laidback future-soul track that showcases her commanding vocals and soothing melodic runs.
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Alejandrito Argeñal x Jay Nice – “Polvora”


Nicaraguan producer Alejandrito Argeñal collaborates with US-based emcee Jay Nice for this gritty jam titled “Polvora.” A solid blend of cinematic beats and bravado-laden lyrics.
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Crowded Places – “Sing From Your Heart” – Jony Who Remix “


Crowded Places “Sing From Your Heart” gets Remixed by Jony Who. The producer makes use of an experimental and offbeat soundscape that really fits the impassioned flow delivered by the emcee.
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Carl C Beats x Wolfgangjoc -” Soul Ties”


Carl C Beats and rapper Wolfgangjoc tam up for this heartfelt track titled ” Soul Ties.” From the somber soulful texture and Wolfgangjoc’s evocative and descriptive lyrics, listeners are slowly drawn into the rapper’s life.




Alias Molombo x A-F-R-O – “All About…”


German producer Alias Molombo teams up with lyrical heavyweight A-F-R-O for this hard-hitting collaboration entitled “All About…” Nothing but pure dope lyricism over a cinematic solid production.





Trust Tate – “Habituated”


Trust Tate shares a new single”Habituated” where he details the effects of overdoing things within a relationship. He makes use of a somber but punchy backdrop to give his perspective on the issue.



Sam Topaz – “Blue Moon”


Singer/producer Sam Topaz‘s new single “Blue Moon” is a laidback moody neo-soul track. Bolstered by the dusty textures, punchy boom-bap drums, and her unique melodic runs, Topaz brings a new take to the genre.
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Tayong – “Different World”


Tayong returns with a new gem titled “Different World.” A blend of soulful and punchy grooves ripe with insightful lyrics and his unique impassioned flow.
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Yung6ix – “All I Need”


Nigerian trap star Yung6ix returns with “All I Need,” his 3rd single. The track sees him teaming up with SUJI for a smooth melodic trap jam that showcases his versatility.
Stream it on all DSPs here.

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