It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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 Knimes – “Mango Suns”

Genre fusing producer Knimes starts off this edition with his off-kilter beat titled “Mango Suns.” The experimental approach he takes is really out of this world as he blends surreal synths with his impeccable cinematic sound design which makes for a solid listen. The beat is the first track from his upcoming self-titled debut EP.

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Jim Inner-G – “_midnightglory”

Jim Inner G is a music producer based in Northern, Ca who makes his way on our list with this solemn and chilling beat titled “_midnightglory.” He goes for a sparse, lo-fi style but adds a very surreal dynamism to it with the way the instruments blend and mesh into one another



Drew Martin – “Ether”

Drew Martin releases his debut single “Ether” for our listening pleasure. The track is a laid back but colorful piece that blends the worlds of jazz, chill-hop, and soul. Hit the play button and get familiar. This is the first release from his upcoming EP “Modern + Art” out on all major streaming platforms on February 11th.



Riverkid – “somewhere”

“Somewhere” is from the forthcoming lofi/chillhop beat tape dreams&memories from Sydney beatmaker Riverkid. The track has a very nostalgic and reflective vibe with its lush keys, dusty basslines, and layered arrangement.

Get it on Soundcloud.



Mikos Da Gawd – “Beautiful”

Mikos Da Gawd cooks up an upbeat piece aptly titled “beautiful” for our list. The beat has a lush texture and head-nodding groove to match. A solid piece that you can smooth angelic vocals over. “Beautiful” is taken from his new project Red which you can stream here.

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Droefkalkoen – “Pneumatic Pillow Talk”

Producer/chemistry teacher Droefkalkoen  makes a solid entry with his soul gripping beat titled “Pneumatic Pillow Talk.” The track is very mellow and alluring as the instruments shine with so much sheen and emotion it’s hard to ignore. He makes great use of the horns on this one too. This is pretty dope from start to finish.

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Salamander Fiend – “Beyond”

“Beyond” by Salamander Fiend is the first single from his debut beat tape Collections Vol.1. The track is built on a catchy hook, 808 drums, and lush textures all culminating into a solid piece.

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Marvillous Beats – “Cherry Blossom Road (Instrumental)”


Marvillous Beats once again delivers on his new track titled “Cherry Blossom Road (Instrumental).” A very soulful piece that will keep your heads nodding and calm the soul. The Marvillous Beats sound is a unique mix of original classical music, pop, soul, and hip-hop.

Get it on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Audiomack.





Jad Abstrock x Theo Aabel – “Golden Gate”

Production duo Jad Abstrock and Theo Aabel flip a classic sample for their track “Golden Gate.” The result is a very atmospheric and solemn piece that would keep the listener engulf the moment they hit the play button.




Kirby Forest – “Nights Before Treehouse (Instrumental)”

Kirby Forest comes through with an eclectic piece titled “Nights Before Treehouse (Instrumental).” A lo-fi infused beat that samples an obscure vocal sample alongside weird music elements that range from dreamy to surreal.

‘Nights Before Treehouse’ Instrumental EP follows on from Kirby’s well-received debut ‘Space’ EP (2018), which features his notable track ‘Esco’, and a string of recent releases including ‘Forest Freestyle’, ‘Acid Jazz’ and ‘Wurld’.




Vlad Khr – “Mobbin’ “

“Mobbin’ ” is the new release by Vlad Khr, a Producer and multi-instrumentalist from Columbus, OH who has a knack for blending a wide range of musical elements together. On this tune he flips some unique foundation samples such as Pharaoh Sanders – “After The Rain”, Roy Ayers – “The Old One-Two,” Otis Redding – “A Fool For You” and The Showboys – “Trigger Man.”
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Slick Walk – “Slicker Lover”

The duo  Slick Walk returns with a smooth release titled “Slicker Lover.” The beat here has a nice summery vibe and head-nodding groove that would light up a cloudy day. Wrapped in a Lo-Fi costume of both analog and digital origin the track takes you on a romantic journey of a couple enjoying their summer affair, with the knowledge that it will be finite. The music underscores these ambiguous feelings with its soulful and yearning tone.

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