It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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DefByMisadventure – “747”

“747” is DefByMisadventure‘s idea of a sonic trip as he sets it off. The beat has a retro electronic vibe with a lot of weird pulses and synths and pretty much displays the producer’s new endeavor. He also flips a classic Eminem line to complete the job.


Groove – “AugustNights”

Groove takes us into another realm on his new piece titled “AugustNights”. Crafted using dreamy r&b textures and bouncy hip-hop drums, Groove delivers a smooth piece that showcases his versatility behind the boards.



Abstricted – “Reflecting Light”

“Reflecting Light” by producer Abstricted is a nice mesh of sounds that are influenced by calming synths, strings and trap-infused drums.  Overall, it gives off a dreamy, introspective feel which is quite unique for this type of arrangement. Get it on Apple Music, Deezer,


Sweeps – “Public Access Radio EP”

Sweeps‘ ‘public access radio EP’ is a blend of various sounds and styles from the Boston, MA-based producer. The 5 track instrumental project is the follow up to his Space Blues album and continues the theme of retro-futuristic concepts inspired by 60s/70s Sci-fi. The EP sure has a lot of alluring elements sprinkled with sounds based on the intercepted intergalactic transmission.

Get it on Spotify, Apple Music,


Moonbrew – “So much romance”

Italian producer Moonbrew gets in his feelings as he delivers “So much romance” for our listening pleasure. He draws from a plethora of styles from classic jazz, lo-fi sounds and boom-bap to craft this heartwarming piece. He adds that the track is inspired by the varied emotions each and every one of us shows towards the idea of romance.  “So much romance” is the 5th single by Moonbrew. Get it on Itunes. He’s part of the nu-jazz duo Yihequan which has released 2 Ep entitled Sciamano and Shaping Perspectives.



Embee – “Heian”

Swedish producer/DJ Embee shares a smooth record titled “Heian” which has a mellow, retrospective vibe. Using retro-samples he flips Japanese-styled instruments over thick boombap beats to deliver a heartfelt beat. “Heian” is taken from the album The Beauty of a Broken Record. The album is influenced by all the time he spent in Japan, picking up inspiration by roaming neighborhoods of Tokyo and Osaka.



Toru – “role”

Toru is no stranger to the our list and he returns with something solid. Simply titled “Role”, the San Francisco-based producer goes for a mellow, solemn feel with his minimalistic style which keeps the ears locked in. “Role” is part of a series of singles that he will release throughout 2019. Get the audio on Spotify.




13thousand. – “5minus4”

13thousand‘s newest piece titled ‘5minus4″ exudes a very reflective and solemn vibe with its lush keys and gloomy strings. Well crafted as usual and surely makes a solid canvas for some deep storytelling.




DYVN – “Peanutbuttersoul”

DYVN returns with a brand new jam he calls “Peanutbuttersoul” which showcases a smooth, reflective vibe. Blending a rich organ, lush keys, he creates a nice piece that is alluring and would probably fill you up like peanut butter sandwich



SmokeMajor – “Area 51”

SmokeMajor is a UK based producer/emcee who gifts the list with the first Grime infused beat titled “Area 51”. The beat has a dark, cinematic feel and makes use of obscure vocal samples and weird synths to make it very off-kilter.

You can stream it on iTunes here.



Orobio – “Oasis”

Netherlands based young up and coming producer who goes by the moniker Orobio makes his way on our list with his new beat titled “Oasis”. Like the title suggests, the beat has a very solemn and calming feel to it and will surely keep the listener locked in from start to finish.

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