It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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13thousand. – “Dreams”

The elusive 13thousand helps launch this weekend with a brand new gem he calls “Dreams”. Just like the title, the beat sure exudes an ethereal, spaced-out feel with its layered textures and head-nodding drums. Get it on Spotify and Youtube


Samuel – “Something in the Background”

“Something in the Background” by Samuel gives us an uplifting and somewhat reflective feeling with its smooth keys and horns. As he himself calls it, the track is a warm head bobber with elements of chill-hop music and then some. “Something in the Background” is the precursor to his 13 track full-length project titled Sax and the City.


NICKELMAN – “Landscape”

Japanese producer Yuki Kitano aka Nickelman newest release is a laid-back mind gripping beat titled “Landscape”. Using his trusty tools MPC2000XL, the  SP-303 and a tape echo, he crafts a lo-fi head-nodding tune that exudes a very relaxing aura. “landscape” is taken from his solo feature LP titled Elements.




DefByMisadventure – “everything is connected”

DefByMisadventure gets into his bag as he releases a new banger titled “Everything Is Connected”. He crafts a fast-paced vibe with solid drums and offbeat layered sounds that range from weird fuzzes, rolling percussions and short vocal samples to match



cosmonkey – “lush”

Cosmonkey makes his way on our list with a soothing beat aptly titled “Lush”.  He blends soft synths, warm basslines over a head-nodding drum pattern. Solid from start to finish.

The track was written on a summer night when the whole city is asleep and an atmosphere of calmness and silence sets in the house. I used a synthesizer that emulates the sound of an old organ and added some modern synthesizers, the drum part sounds with a good groove, which makes it shake its head slightly. To fix the atmosphere, I used vocal chops, who refer to old-school hip hop and pay some respect to this genre.



$moke – “Space Cowboy”

Producer $moke‘s latest instrumental titled “Space Cowboy” was partly inspired by the classic anime cowboy bebop. He blends a gritty sounding synth that switches every now and then as if being put through a filter.  It’s pretty dark and definitely gets the job done.


Michum – “thun”

Gießen, Germany based producer Michum returns this week with a brand new gem he calls “thun”. The gloomy beat has a cinematic feel that is gripping and reflective too. “thun” is a b-side from Michum’s upcoming beat tape ‘knives’ on Lamplighter ( The tape will be released on cassette and digital in September.
He currently has 2 beat tapes on cassette and 1 ep on vinyl. You can listen to all his releases on bandcamp


Altvater – “Even Young”

Altvater returns with a solid joint he calls “Even Young”. A mellow tune that is partly inspired by Lo-fi Hip Hop and Jazz. He also laces the track with a soothing Eastern Flute backed by an angelic vocal sample that comes in every now and then. His last release was the gripping “This Pertains To Solitude.” Altvater is currently producing another single and a collab with British producer, OhmField.




Al’Tarba – “She Makes Me Feel”

Producer Al’Tarba‘s “She Makes Me Feel” single is a potpourri of musical styles and elements that switches at every turn. Expertly blending obscure vocals, lush textures and hard-hitting drums, the song stray from being mundane as the listener is fully drawn into the multi-layered soundscape.

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