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Imperial – “Hiatus”

UK producer Imperial shares a new single “Hiatus” which is quite brilliant. From the boom-bap drums, soulful textures, soothing vocal samples, and overall reflective feel of the track, Imperial sure delivers the goods.




kBeats x Lost.mindd – “Lost in your presence”

kBeats and Lost.mindd team up for “Lost in your presence” a mellow and sublime beat that is built on rich and somber piano riffs and solemn strings.



Halfspeed – “Find U”

Halfspeed drops a new single “Find U,” a smooth lofi textured beat ripe with jazz/soul elements. It’s quite layered and nostalgia-inducing from start to finish.




Turkish producer D3VDM00D brings us “HOLY DRIFT” a cinematic beat that blends Miami bass music with experimental elements.



Mark Ski – “It’s Not Easy”

Mark Ski shares a new instrumental “It’s Not Easy” taken from the sophomore edition of his (Sk)instrumentals beat compilations. The mellow track is built on punchy boombap drums, somber and soulful textures with a vocal hook repeating the title.



BreezeWavBeatz – “chill ash beat”

BreezeWavBeatz makes his entry with “chill ash beat” which showcases his loFi style. From the snapping drum arrangements, soulful textures and relaxing vibe. he sure delivers a refreshing piece that we all can rock with.



FlipzWorld – “Destination”

FlipzWorld‘s “Destination” is a dreamy and somewhat ethereal beat that sure hits the mark. The drums are crunchy, the layered textures are alluring and exude a soul stirring aura that takes one back in time.





Strand of Rope – “A Nocturne”

Indie producer Strand of Rope caught our ears with his new effort titled “A Nocturne.” It’s a blend of sparse vocals and dark cinematic production. It’s moody and experimental for the most part and the vocals come in at certain portions to change up the feel of the track.


Milli Beat$ – “April 20, 420 A.D.”

Milli Beat$ drops “April 20, 420 A.D.” on our list. The happy uplifting beat is peppered by lush guitar riffs, summery vibes and punchy drums.



Wavey Singh – “Full Moon (100%)”

Wavey Singh‘s “Full Moon (100%)” is an ethereal and hypnotic beat ripe with alluring vocal samples, eerie flutes and punchy drum grooves.


Jus Beyond – “Que-sa-Dilla (Intro)”

Jus Beyond comes through heavy with his new release titled “Que-sa-Dilla (Intro),” a soulful and atmospheric piece built on lush textures, solid drum grooves, and airy vocal-like samples.




Dude – “Spectral”

“Spectral” is the latest effort from producer Dude. The track is more of a minimalistic vibe with punchy drums, sparsely arranged sounds, and a somewhat moody aesthetic.



Aykroyd – “What Would Lofi Do?”

British producer Aykroyd shows us “What Would Lofi Do?” when he cranks up a mix of retro jazz samples and punchy boom-bap drum breaks. The result is playful, uplifting and groovy all at once.


Mr. Freed – “Particles”

Austrian producer Mr. Freed makes his entry with this new beat titled “Particles.” The track is as chilled as they come and is ripe with sublime textures and lush keys with soft drums grooves to complete the job.


Ghostnaut – “Apple Pie”

Ghostnaut‘s new release “Apple Pie” is a soul-soothing and sublime track made up of lush textures, sparkling guitar riffs, and soft drum grooves that engulf the ears. Overall, its aim is to comfort the soul like the enticing feeling of a delicious dessert like an Apple Pie.


~ronzoni~ – “Needles”


Up and coming producer ~ronzoni~ drops his new release “Needles” and it’s a dark and reflective piece made up of vocal samples, dusty organ riffs, and punchy drums to match.


Roninzvizion – “Da Pusha”


Roninzvizion makes his entry on our list with “Da Pusha” a punchy genre-bending tune ripe with soulful and funky aesthetics


DaMarcus VanBuren – “Chill Vibez (Intro)” [Instrumental Version]


DaMarcus VanBuren shares the instrumental version of his song “Chill Vibez (Intro)” The track has a cold, somber vibe and the lush keys work perfectly with the smooth vibes and punchy drums.



Wizard Death x Virtual Boy – “levitation”


Emerging producers Wizard Death and Virtual Boy team up to bring us their new creation titled “levitation.” The track is as mellow as they come and is ripe with sublime textures and ethereal elements that are nostalgia-inducing to the core.
“levitation” is the duo’s first single from their collaborative EP entitled Wizard Boy.


flamingo zamperoni – “smoothie”


German producer flamingo zamperoni whips up some extra fluffy “smoothie” as his new release. The mellow track is ripe with soothing horn riffs, mellow keys, pulsating basslines, and a soft drum groove to match.

NICKELMAN – “Chocolate Cookie”

As NICKELMAN prepares to drop his album BeatsGrocery, he shares a new single “Chocolate Cookie” to whet the listeners’ appetite. The Japanese producer delivers a blend of retro jazz, lofi vibes on this tune.



Dr Magnoon – “Mr. Zuhlem Tooney”


Emerging producer Dr. Magnoon shares “Mr. Zuhlem Tooney” with us this week and it’s quite a trip. From the sparse drum arrangement, vocal samples, atmospheric textures, and mellow bassline, the result is quite different and well-crafted.

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