It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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coldbrew – “DayDreaming.”

Coldbrew kicks up some dust with this soothing beat he calls “DayDreaming”. It’s a mellow, solemn track made up of warm synths, reflective strings, and a head rocking drum pattern. Coldbrew adds that he made it with artist Namai and its aim is to give the listener a moment to reflect and look towards the future.



Flowervillain – “Earf, wind and fire”

Flowervillain blends a loop pedal cover of Tyler The Creator’s “EARFQUAKE” with DOOM‘s lush vocals to create this gem titled “Earf, wind, and fire”. It’s a chilled, dreamy track that makes you want to relax and roll a fat one.



DefByMisadventure – “Ding”

DefByMisadventure returns with another of his offbeat creations for the weekend. This beat called “Ding” has an oriental feel to it with its bell-like samples and synths. Interesting once you hit the play button.

Daddy Who – “Space Jam”

Daddy Who takes us on a retro-futuristic journey on his new record titled “Space Jam”. He flips a classic ethereal sample and delivers a laid back, reflective joint that would make you want to think

Get it on Spotify.



Q.Rock639 – “James Vs Sonya”.

Q.Rock639 really goes in his bag on his new release titled “James Vs Sonya”. Which is inspired by the classic 1988 TV interview between James Brown and reporter Sonya that resurfaced again a while ago. The beat uses bits and parts of Brown’s interview to layer the smooth funky beat Q laces. It’s quite interesting and hilarious too.

“James Vs. Sonya” can be found on “Urban Avant-Garde: In Q’s Mental” album. A collection of music produced by Q.Rock639. The genre-jumping producer is back at it, with a collection of his instrumental productions on hand, perfect for head bopping!

Check it on Bandcamp below.



Coldbrew – “fall in love”


Budding producer Coldbrew appears on the list again with another beat called “fall in love”. A laid back, lo-fi influenced cut that is solemn and laced with a soothing vocal sample. The producer adds that the song is the “…feeling when you fall in love so fast you can’t seem to breathe.”
Coldbrew is a lofi/chillhop producer from Oklahoma, USA.



The Secret Chord – “Where You Left Me (My Lonely World)”

Asian-Australian guitarist and producer Nathan Hui-Yi who goes by the moniker The Secret Chord drops his first single titled “Where You Left Me (My Lonely World)”. The record is rife with solemn piano chords which rises to a culminating peak and it’s laced with a soothing vocal sample.
This single “Where You Left Me (My Lonely World)” is the follow up to his debut album ‘Journey To The Soul and Back Again’, which was released in March 2019.
Get it on Bandcamp and Spotify




Mizter Wilson – “NewYork”



Massachusetts based producer Mizter Wilson treats us to a cinematic trip down memory lane on his new release titled “NewYork”. Like the title says, the track is pretty nostalgic and solemn too. Mizter Wilson adds that the beat was inspired by first ever his trip to New York.
Nate ‘Mizter Wilson’ Peters is a Multi-Genre producer hailing from Brockton, Massachusetts. Nate has been making music for roughly 10+ years but has been kept under wraps.
Mizter Wilson’s anticipated project ‘Nomad: The Beat Tape’ dropped July 19th. Go listen on all streaming platforms.



Elliot – “flow”

Elliot‘s new beat “Flow” is a nice blend of live instrumentation and head-nodding boombap beats. It’s pretty smooth from start to finish. Elliot is a guitarist and makes good use of it on the track. He adds that the single is dear to him as it represents a journey/battle with his own mental health and serves as a positive outlet.


Kyle J-E – “Grounded”

Straight out of chi-town comes young producer Kyle J-E who blends classical music with contemporary elements in his music. On his new release titled “Grounded”, he crafts a solemn beat laden with soft reflective piano chords, soothing organs, and synths to match. The single “Grounded” is among a handful of other singles that have recently been released by the producer he is working on more singles to further develop his craft as well as a few exciting collaborations that will be released in the near future.”

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