It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Bruce Chillest – Candle Lit Dinner.

Bruce Chillest is not new on TWIB and always hit us with some magnificent sounds from his lab. His newest release “Candle Lit Dinner” is a blend of sparkling vocal chops, smooth drums and a vintage TLC-esque guitar lick to match.

FYI Bruce Chillest is the music project helmed by Los Angeles native producer and composer Andrew Clark. Get the song on Spotify


Sebastian Kamae – Nomad


Producer Sebastian Kamae returns with a solid effort titled “Nomad”. The textures he employs on this record lies in the lo-fi region but also takes elements from jazz and electronic music making it quite interesting to be honest. It’s very mellow and soothing from start to finish.


Epifania – Origin.

Epifania‘s “Origin” strays from the obvious and really taps into the surreal, dreamy aspect of production. It has a very smooth and nostalgic feel too and the drums are really groovy, not too heavy but just has the right punch behind them. Follow him on all social media platforms here.




Money Montage – Needed U The Most.

NY producer Money Montage shows up with a trippy record he calls “Needed U The Most”. The style he employs here sees him blending a sonorous RnB vocal sample over hip-hop grooves but the kicker is the filter effect heard here. That alone makes it pretty offbeat in a good way and gives it an outer-dimensional feel.

“Needed U The Most”. is taken from his new instrumental album “LOVE OR LEAVE




Sam Irving – Sing!

This is a pretty solid effort from producer and singer-songwriter Sam Irving. Aptly titled “Sing!”, the instrumental is a blend of deep synths and dark textures layered agaisnt a classic drum break (if you know you know). The track is taken from his debut EP, “Gertrude” .





Crazyups – Stallin’..


Crazyups hits the mark on this new release titled “Stallin'”. The former army veteran flips an obscure vocal sample with a soothing backdrop and tossed it over solid drums. Totally sick stuff to be honest.



Big O – In the Wind.


Big O helps close this week’s list with a superb joint he calls “In the wind”. The track has a choppy vibe and the drums would surely keep the heads bopping. Overall the energy is solemn and somewhat love-lorn too which makes for a perfect closing track.  Get it on Spotify

“In the Wind” is a single to promote an upcoming EP by the London-based, American producer.

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