Multi-instrumentalist/producer Tonga has been on our radar for a minute now and has been dishing out solid soundscapes that range from lo-fi, soul to boombap. On his newest release, “Look Up” the San Diego native goes for a more solemn/reflective vibe. He blends sad piano riffs, mellow drums, and a steady bassline to bring out the emotions looming inside of the listeners.

He further explains the inspiration behind the song as follows: “ For years when I would drive home, I’d park, get out of my car, and head to the front door of the house. Before going inside I would always look up and gaze at the stars, specifically looking for Orion’s Belt for some reason. It became a comforting ritual to see all the constellation staring back down at me. This tune is a reflection of the wonder and serenity I would feel whenever I would stare up into the night sky…..


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