Emerging rap artist TMack shares with listeners some of his lifelong aspirations in his new release LIGHT YEARS. The 3 track EP is a self-produced body of work that boasts hard-hitting trap beats underpinned by relatable songwriting, topics and catchy hooks. As TMack puts it himself; LIGHT YEARS is more than just an EP; it’s a musical narrative of his life and aspirations, showcasing his growth as an artist and his steadfast commitment to his journey.


The project starts with the aptly titled  “FOCUSED”, a cinematic trap track that hinges on having the proper work ethic and go-getter mindset to achieve goals. Over the soulful samples, 808-driven drums and brooding textures, TMack steps up with the spirit of a champion who doesn’t let detractors sway him from his goals as he reminds us of his success on the hook. When I’m counting ends/Graduating from the streets so now I’m taking flights with my kin/Let’s do this shit again/I’m focused like a lens”. Just as the title suggests, TMack is laser-focused and ambition-driven to the core.

This is followed by the reflective “REAL LIFE” which explores TMack’s struggles as a young black man trying to find his footing. Backed by a snapping trap drum groove and sublime melodic vocal sample, TMack gives audiences a glimpse into his life as follows  I need my piece of the pie, got me feeling like Martin on Life, I know this ish not right/Reflection got me seeking protection but I know that God is my weapon/I’m like a ghost in these streets and I’m like a GOAT on these beats” and reminds us that it’s not all rosy.


The EP comes to a close with the anthemic “25 HOURS” with its upbeat bounce and rich sample chops. Once again, TMack gives audiences his perspective on his grind and aspirations. Always on the move, he believes 24 hours is just not enough for him to tick off his goals. As a businessman and creative, he acknowledges his drive is all he has and he always has to seize the day. This is a perfect motivational tune that urges everyone to use urgency as a means to chase their goals.


Overall, LIGHT YEARS is quite brief and while it gives us some aspect of TMack’s life, it doesn’t go into details which is fair enough. The production is cohesive and punchy and TMack’s direct, unapologetic raps are prevalent from start to finish.



Stream LIGHT YEARS on all DSPs here.



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