Brooklyn-based multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer Tim Atlas returns to the forefront with his latest release titled Matinee. The EP is a 5 track body of work that serves as the follow-up to his previous project entitled Le Soir and continues where it left off as we see Tim delivering a mix of laidback, groovy and highly melodic tunes that take elements from R&B/neo-soul, lofi-soul and experimental pop.


 “Matinee” is a sublime piece that is introduced by a moody pad and soothing melodic hum before the warm synth bass and guitar lick comes into play. Tim’s vocal performance here is airy and has a distinct texture that matches the surreal soundscape used. The overall feel is comforting and relaxing from start to finish. Next up is “Lighthouse” with its bright keys, funky bass lines and head-nodding groove and it’s a perfect opener as we get a blissful funk-soul piece that lifts the spirits. Again, Tim sounds at home here with his laidback vocal tone, layered harmonized hooks and heartfelt lyrics that see Tim pour adulation on that special someone who always lights up his life. This is followed by “The Deceiving”, a mellow lofi soul tune that explores lovelorn emotions and blossoming feelings for that special someone but the situation is not conducive and having wishful thoughts is all that gives him inner peace.


The project closes out with the mid-tempo “Lifeboat” featuring French-Italian artist Raphael Futura and the introspective “Out Cold”, two tracks that continue to show Tim’s versatility as a songwriter and arranger who is not afraid to push his musical horizons. “Lifeboat” has a surreal and dreamy aesthetic with its ethereal pads, plucky synths and stomping drums underpinned by Tim’s reverbed vocals and soothing melodies while “Out Cold” is a solemn and melancholic tune that talks about heartbreak and disappointment. As the title suggests, Tim comes to terms with the situation as his love left him out in the cold and he is left with nowhere or no one to turn to.


Overall, Matinee is a cohesive and well-rounded project that is made up of crisp and dynamic instrumentations peppered with expressive vocal performances and relatable songwriting.

Stream Matinee on all DSPs here.

Photo Credit: Paigge

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