Uprising rapper T. Houze drops his new project Iridescent, a 16-track project that sees him teaming up with longtime collaborator Kayro and a host of artists as well.


“Shine Tonight” is the opener and is a summer-tinged and joyful track that aims to get listeners to feel the good vibes, go out and achieve their goals and shun all types of negativity. Over the soulful and laidback soundscape, T.Houze drops more than a handful of gems and lines like“What’s tomorrow without light?I have seen it all before and I won’t think twice/The wrist won’t move and the ankles all tight and you gotta step out for the everyday fight“ gives listeners something to ponder. The next track “Silence” is a smooth guitar-driven piece that is fitted with a bouncy groove and overall sublime texture underpinned by T.Houze’s commanding and calm flow. He is joined by vocals Ro Bettinelli who adds that extra soulful touch to the track. On “New Dawn”, T.Houze teams up with Emily McNally and together they craft a reflective and heartfelt track that explores the ups and downs of life and the power of taking that extra step towards self-determination. “It’s Alright” employs a classic boom-bap drum break and a slick guitar lick which sounds like a 90s R&B track with a modern twist. T.Houze sounds at home here and delivers a playful and uplifting performance.


“Network” is a collaboration with Devin White and SaVannah White who pepper the track with their distinct vocals. Armed with expressive melodies and relatable songwriting, the trio shares some interesting lessons on growing one’s network to increase net worth. “Nightcap” is a moody and solemn jazz-infused tune that features singer Deja and it’s ladened with an engaging story about falling into the abyss of blossoming love. It is a metaphor for his love for music and that special someone. “Tellin’ “ sees T.Houze recruiting singer/rapper  Nikko Miles for a solid duet that dives into the uncertainty of life. The production here is crisp and soothing and smooth performance from both artist takes precedence with their vivid lyricism and positive demeanour that is infectious. This is followed by the funk-dance vibes of “World In Your Eyes” which starts with a percussion-laden drum groove and surreal textures and pulsating bassline. The project continues with its soulful soundscapes and relatable content and tracks like the solemn “Pray” featuring Emily McNally which showcases T.Houze’s introspective side or the soul-searching “Know Your Way” featuring vocalist BIRDSY. Other solid cuts include “Good Job” featuring Nikko Miles and D0n’t Change! and “Foundation”.

The project closes out with the heartfelt “Lyfe” featuring Definite D and  R&B-infused vibes of “The Ways”. “Lyfe” is a reflective and solemn track made up of snapping drums, moody keys and textures that form the perfect canvas for both rapper’s graphic songwriting. Definite D sets it off with his gruff vocals followed by T.Houze’s mellow cadence. The duo share a different perspective of life and their distinct experiences that everyone can relate to. The final track “The Ways” is made up of rich solemn piano riffs, mellow drum grooves, slick guitar licks and sultry melodic hums underpinned by the rappers’ reassuring vocals that implore us to stay focused on the important things that bring joy into our lives.

In a nutshell, Iridescent,is a brilliant effort that explores T.Houze’s life’s experiences on many fronts. He doesn’t shy away from being vulnerable, emotional or candid and the production on here is heavenly as well.


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