Brooklyn-based multi-hyphenate singer, songwriter, and producer Tim Atlas drops his new EP Le Soir, which is part one of a larger body of work. The 6-track project has an R&B element with a host of experimental rock, dark pop and even chillwave aesthetics that help Tim paint a distinct picture of his musical style and overarching message. His songwriting is expressive and his topics range from nostalgia, personal loss, love, wants and finding one’s true self amidst all the white noise.


“Le Soir” is a sombre and expressive track that showcases a rich sonic landscape made up of brass stabs, bright textures and sublime vocals accompanied by a dynamic palette of sounds. “Sushi in Wyoming” sees Tim reflecting on personal wants and the feelings brewing from craving the worst version of something you love rather than what is available. The production is quite expansive and blends experimental pop with future R&B and lofi elements. The vocal runs are quite expressive too and the use of inflections and laidback tonal melodies gives it a nice nostalgic touch. “Knockin” is a vibrant rock-infused pop track that takes the energy to a new plateau. The chorus is rousing and sets the tone with its rich guitar arrangement and rock drum groove. The verses tone things down and employ modern contemporary R&B elements that give the track a distinct ebb and flow. “Attractive” starts off with a demo version of Tim singing before switching to the real thing with a rousing drum fill. The bass-heavy track is sublime and exudes a sensual and emotive energy that grips the soul. Tim knows how to balance things out and keeps the dynamics going with shifts in chords and stylish layered melodies with lyrics that break down the concept of attraction between two individuals.


The project closes out with the vibrant “SeeThru” and introspective “mom”, which showcases Tim’s versatility, eclectic songwriting and knack for nonconformism in his music. “SeeThru” has a cinematic feel and is made up of chillwave, rock and pop aesthetics. The ethereal pads, rich drums, edgy guitar riffs and dark synths all come together under Tim’s lilting and soft vocals and ear-grabbing melodies that cut through the mix like a hot knife through a slab of butter. “mom” is a short sombre track that starts off with a solemn guitar and melancholic pad that is underpinned by Tim’s rich vocals and heartfelt lyrics about his mom. The use of layered harmonies and subtle cinematic effects sure add a soul-gripping element to the track as well.


Overall Le Soir, is a masterpiece on how experimentation and genre fusion can be seamless without sounding forced. Tim approaches each song with a message and renewed creativity as nothing here sounds the same. It doesn’t even matter what genre you prefer as the project caters to pure music lovers who go for nonconformism and original compositions.


Watch  “Sushi in Wyoming”  below


Following this release, Tim is slated for a headline U.S. tour that kicks off in September, with Bay Area band Pink Skies added to the support slot.

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